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Although there are seveal good publications on this remarkable machine, the absence of a surviver and the fragmented bits and pieces of its career don't do it justice. As a modeler, born and raised in Eindhoven I've always wanted to build a model of it and always found more questionmarks and inconsistancy than answers. Information is formed when you organize data. So let's get a picture out of all these scattered photo's and data. Initially this was for my own purpose, but nobody owns information. In honour of the men that designed and build this innovative machine and as a reminder of the dark period that it was used in, but also as a reminder to preserve things that may not seem important in the day, but may get important later. If you can add anything, please let me know. If you find errors, you should absolutly act to that.


These images are for discussion and reference purpose only, and are mainly thumbnails of expired Ebay auctions. No profit is made. When you own the copyright of the original image and object to the use here, please inform us and we will remove the image when needed.

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