Period photo´s

under trees - source unknown 1st version Wehrmacht bus. Most likely from an instruction manual 1st version Wehrmacht bus. Most likely from an instruction manual September 5th 1944 nachtegaallaan denbosch. Book on the liberation of Den Bosch. marada marsa el brega januari 1942 - source unknown marada marsa el brega januari 1942 - source unknown marada marsa el brega januari 1942 - source unknown en route in africa - source unknown africa - source unknown derna africa - source unknown
factory photo shipping in napels 1941 - source unknown eastfront - source unknown 1942 africa headquarter - source unknown Probably shot by an aircraft scene is Africa - source unknown August 8th 1942 an Australian Salvage unit uses a coach as office - Austrialian War Memorial 1948 - source unknown loading into a messerschmidt 323 - source unknown massive sparewheel - scale 1:72 model bus site massive sparewheel - Africa, (Opel Book)
Befehlsstelle (Commandpost) Tripoli Africa blitzbus11_f_mud.jpg blitzbus11_rf.jpg blitzbus11_rf_africa.jpg blitzbus11_lft_africa.jpg blitzbus11__r_1944-belorussia-political-unit.jpg blitzbus11_lf_1944-belorussia-political-unit.jpg blitzbus11_lb_woodgas.jpg blitzbus11_lf_pz2-collone.jpg
blitzbus11_fl_brussel-gate.jpg blitzbus11_r_508mil-aec-mammoth.jpg blitzbus11_fl_winter.jpg blitzbus11_afrika-docks.jpg blitzbus11_horch-kfz15-africa.jpg blitzbus11_f_africa.jpg blitzbus11_lf_spare.jpg 5 window Blitz bus near Tripoli Cabratta. A double exposion that pinpoints interiour and exteriour. Source: Ebay Same bus as the previous picture - source: Ebay detail africa dugin
Command bus Gen Rommel 1stBase Acroma blitzbus11_b_africa.jpg blitzbus11_b_dubbelstriping.jpg blitzbus11_b_`dubbelstriping-rolbahn-det.jpg blitzbus11_f_parade-music.jpg blitzbus11_f_spare.jpg blitzbus11_lb_africa-rommel.jpg blitzbus11_lb_dubbelstriping-plains.jpg blitzbus11_lb_images-of-war-africa.jpg blitzbus11_lb_wl2147_Baydeww2.jpg
blitzbus11_lf_marine.jpg blitzbus11_lt_russian-supplyunit-krasnoy-armii-slava.jpg blitzbus11_l_africa-rommel.jpg blitzbus11_rb_10ss_sanitat_rouen.jpg blitzbus11_rb_10SS_Sanitat_Rouen-burned.jpg blitzbus11_rb_dubbelstriping-rolbahn.jpg blitzbus11_rb_images-of-war-africa.jpg blitzbus11_rb_rommelBus.jpg blitzbus11_rf_14nov1941-harbour-shipping.jpg blitzbus11_rf_africa.jpg
blitzbus11_rf_afrika-camo-dugin.jpg blitzbus11_rf_dubbelstriping-rolbahn.jpg blitzbus11_rf_images-of-war-africa-jun1942-temp-command.jpg blitzbus11_rf_images-of-war-africa.jpg blitzbus11_rf_lagerhalle-grouppicture.jpg blitzbus11_rf_parade-music.jpg blitzbus11_rf_rommel-africa.jpg blitzbus11_r_historic.de_bremen-grouppicture.jpg blitzbus11_r_images-of-war-africa-jun1942-temp-command.jpg blitzbus11_r_rommel-1stBase-acroma.jpg
blitzbus11_lb_africa-tent blitzbus11_lf_stranded 1st Wehrmacht version, Political unit Bellarussia 1944 - source: Militaria 181(polish) Beutepanzer Russian army, page78 blitzbus_ruhr-personel_429-01.jpg blitzbus_ruhr-personel_429-02.jpg blitzbus_ruhr-personel_429-03.jpg blitzbus_ruhr-personel_429-04.jpg blitzbus_ruhr-personel_429-05.jpg blitzbus11_lb_ruhr_manual_396-row4-3.jpg blitzbus11_lb_ruhr_manual_396-row4-4.jpg
blitzbus11_lb_ruhr_manual_396-row4-5.jpg blitzbus11_rb_ruhr_manual_431-r5-4.jpg blitzbus11_rb_ruhr_manual_431-r5-5.jpg blitzbus11_b_ruhr_manual_431-r5-6.jpg blitzbus11_lb_ruhr_manual_431-r4-3.jpg blitzbus11_rf_ruhr_manual_431-r4-4.jpg blitzbus11_rf_ruhr_manual_431-r4-6.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-03.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-04.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-07.jpg
blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-08.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-11.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-14.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-16.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-17.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-19.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-20.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-21.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_421-23.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_431-r5-3.jpg
blitzbus11_int_ruhr_manual_431-r6-5.jpg blitzbus93_rf_ruhr-production_431-r6-2.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row2-2.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row3-3.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row3-5.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row3-6.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row4-1.jpg blitzbus11_int_ruhr-production_396-row4-2.jpg blitzbus11_lb_ruhr-production_396-row1-5.jpg blitzbus11_lb_ruhr-production_396-row2-6.jpg
blitzbus11_lb-det-africa.jpg - source unknown blitzbus11_lf_ambu.jpg - source unknown blitzbus11_rft_ambu.jpg - source unknown blitzbus11_r_africa.jpg - source unknown
Wehrmacht version 1

post war service with the happacher company post war service as a passenger and mail bus with the austrian mail ludewig factory drawing a 2nd version Wehrmachtbus12 fitted as an ambulance. Note the stove. In German a 'allesbrenner', meaning all burner. Source: unknown Post war usaage by the 'Deutsche Post'(German Postal services)1946. Source unknown. Ambulance version guarded by a British(?) soldier. Source unknown. 2st Wehrmacht version, from the magnificent site of Holger - source: blitzbus12_int_ruhr_manual_421-27.jpg blitzbus12_int_ruhr-court_439-4.jpg blitzbus12_rf_ruhr-court_439-3.jpg
Wehrmacht version 2

luxurious coach - source unknown Civy plates - source: ebay camouflaged red cross. busname near rear wheel- source unknown alpen sud express, görlitz - Source: Opel im Kriege a ferry cross a lake? a set of two - found on Ebay Apparently a remarkable event. Could be a lake in Itally - found on Ebay Lunch near an ambulance bus - found on Ebay repairaction on an ambulance - found on Ebay Crashed on a trailer - found on Ebay source: nickname zugvogel
source: nickname zugvogel Russia 1941: der 1a bus - found on Ebay Russia 1941: der 1a bus - found on Ebay Russia 1941: der 1a bus - found on Ebay The cathedral may be in russia- found on Ebay White luxerious coach. Not certain to be a blitz. - Source unknown blitzbus21_fl_driver.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_fr_langemark-belgium-booty.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_fr_langemark-belgium-booty_wh32715.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_lf_camo-redcross.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus21_lf_civvy.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_lf_iz25406_rheinprovince.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_lf_v43286-zwickau_in-kiev-or-harjkow-ukraine.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_lf_woodgas-Larcher-Touristik-1945-wikipedia.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_l_accordion.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_l_kafabus.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_l_langemark-belgium-booty.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_rf_civy-owner.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_rf_civy-rivercrossing.jpg - source unknown blitzbus21_rf_engine-open_fkf-Baydeww2.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus21_rf_with2bussing800.jpg - source unknown Liner with panoramic windows. Busoperator: voge.. Licenceplate: IZ-25406 - source unknown blitzbus21_lb_frontbuchhandlung-loudspeaker.jpg - source unknown blitzbus61-21_f_iin-6984.jpg - source unknown
Panoramic windows

early war trip on a ferry cross one of the rivers in holland - source unknown luftwaffe service - source unknown crashed - source unknown fancy front - source unknown detail - source unknown gross Deutschland division? - source unknown Hospital group with also a fordbus - source unknown 1940 Emmelman Jurablitz - source unknown NVB 1938 - source blitzbus22_fl_crash.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus22_fr_onguard.jpg - source unknown blitzbus22_f_ausflug.jpg - source unknown blitzbus22_lf_two-inastreet.jpg - source unknown blitzbus22_rf_vide-1.jpg - source unknown blitzbus22_rf_vide-2.jpg - source unknown blitzbus22_r_lineup.jpg - source unknown
Panoramic windows and louvre nose

blitzbus23_f_wading.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_lf_22jun1941-belfort-france.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_lf_railroadbridge.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_rf-in-woods2.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_rf_civy-ausflug.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_rf_in-woods.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_rf_leaving-camp.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_r_collision.jpg - source unknown blitzbus23_lf_possing.jpg - source unknown
Panoramic windows and stove nose

body by döbelner used by the organisation todt - Source: Opel im Kriege A group of 4 damaged busses on train - source unknown dug into the ground - source unknown A round bus with a generator. This can be anything besides Opel - source unknown 2 pictures from a set of 3. Invasion Holland 1940 - source unknown 2 pictures from a set of 3. Invasion Holland 1940 - source unknown >Luftwaffe hq - source unknown Hainje fleet Holland 1942 numberplate B-26324 - source unknown blitzbus34_fr_29jun1941j-it43130-hessen-nassau_bridge- over-bug-ussrt.jpg - source unknown blitzbus34_lf_liner-driver.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus34_lf_shifting-in-mud.jpg - source unknown blitzbus34_lf_wessel-saalfeld.jpg - source unknown blitzbus34_rb_peebreak-snow.jpg - source unknown blitzbus34_rf_tobo-filming-excersize.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_b_g-bus-rolling-through-russian-village.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_b_wl-hay-camo.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_f_dkw_ii-3475.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_f_france-radiotor-mask-damage.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_f_lostbulgaria2391.jpg - source: blitzbus3x_lb_bundesarchiv101I-721-0358-13_france-officer-striped-camo.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus3x_lb_danish-white-gasproducer.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_lf_crash-trier.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_lf_danish-white-gasproducer.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_lf_shooting-in-stram.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_lf_straight-louvres.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_l_women-cleaning-bones.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf-det_maintainance-tyre-change.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf-det_tyre-flat.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_behind-tank.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_camo-5bare-soldiers.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus3x_rf_civy-whte-dark-louvres.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_feldpost-WH613525.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_holland-n14219_Molotok.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_lijstertour-1956-nr8-blitz.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_wh524553.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rf_wm-_soldiers-posing.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_lf_l25year-celebration-abo-opperated-minnertsga-friesland. a Blitzbus on its side near Tilburg May 1940. Source unknown. The 1950 factory fleet of Opel Russelsheim. Source unknown. a typical situation in civvy street. A bus with a gasproducer in extreme cold. I left the church in the picture for identification. Anyone? Source: Ebay.
blitzbus3x_lb-det_wheelchange-post.jpg - source unknown blitzbus3x_rb_refueling.jpg - source unknown
4 window - or - not visible

5 window liner with gasproducer - source historischer kraftverkehr 6/87 5 window liner with gasproducer - source historischer kraftverkehr 6/87 traintransport of beautiful 5 window luxurious coach - ebay maintainance - source unknown roemenia 1941 - wehrmacht periodical signal hungaria - luftwaffe periodical der adler proudly possing at the beautiful lutz bus speeding to a ju52. probably a hospital unit - source unknown square body, russelsheim 1960 - source unknown oktober 1939, transport kolone in poland - source unknown
builder: ero karosserieaufbau  Stranded in Normandy -  Stranded in Normandy -  Stranded in Normandy - 1957 picture source 1952 picture source: a before and after bombing picture - source unknown a before and after bombing picture - source unknown a plain clean civy bus on a wooden street - source Ebay A blitz and a Mercedes bus in Brandau Odenwaldstrasse 1940 - observe the height difference. - source Ebay
blitzbus35_bl_WL221254_round.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_fl_passing-infantry.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_faka-stadtbus-osnabruek_de.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_forrest-rest-early-liner.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_innerwheel.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_roudside.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_summer1940_north-france_Baydeww2.jpg - source unknown - source unknown blitzbus35_rb_camo-on-coach.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_rf-t_1960-opel-factory.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus35_rf_civy-postwar.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_rf_seelowe-di56543-rolling-of-ship.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_rf_th11908-observation.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_r_unit-near-field-color.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_f_kuimetsa(estonia) blitzbus35_lb_gasproducer-surhuisterveen-leeuwarden blitzbus35_lf_zwaag#-driver blitzbus35_l_line-civy Liner by KAFA for busoperator Lappe's autoreisen Postmarked feb 1937 - source: auction site blitzbus35_fr_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig.jpg
blitzbus35_int_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig.jpg blitzbus35_rf_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig.jpg blitzbus35_lf_reise-ruhr-arch-ludewig-prewar.jpg blitzbus35_lf_mzk-gdynia-poland-1946.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_lf_traveler.jpg - source unknown blitzbus35_r_8-1941-shitomir.jpg - source unknown
5 window

early war - source unknown deutsche sprenchemie werk buche. bad schmiedeberg spring1944(foto roland winkler) deutsche sprenchemie werk buche. bad schmiedeberg spring1944(foto roland winkler) woodgas bus passing opel factory being repaired - source unknown on a market square - source unknown dug in - source unknown roermond, holland, nao linebus - vrachtwagen en autobus in nederland martin wallast 1939 lineservice at the townhall(rathaus) in Quedlinburg(germany) - ebay with matching trailer - source unknown Linebus with trailer in Hungary - source unknown
Linebus from the ZWH line Holland 1945 6 window with gasproducer(?) stuck in the mud - Ebay blitzbus36_br_snow-russianchurches.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_lf_driver_wm-77033.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_lf_waiting-truck-passing.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_l_camp.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_l_louvre-early-near-train.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_rf_b12856-officer-tour.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_rf_civy-holland.jpg - source unknown - source unknown
blitzbus36_rf_with-mb-us.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_lf_at-station.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_r_woodproducer-post.jpg - source unknown
6 window

gtu bus nr57 with woodgas dolly in the - gtu bus nr37 and companion - gtu bus nr54 crashed into a building - gtu bus nr 78 - gtu bus nr6 first series- gtu bus nr47 second series - gtu bus nr62 with woodproducer dolly - gtu bus nr53 with gasproducer - blitzbus37_f_gtu-nr47-den-oudsten_testride1938.jpg - source unknown blitzbus37_rf_gtu-alex.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus37_rf_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg blitzbus37_det_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg blitzbus37_det2_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg
7 window GTU

delivery of a woodproducer equiped bus - source unknown delivery of a woodproducer equiped bus - source unknown soldatenheim( soldiers home) - luftwaffe periodical der adler schooltrip - ebay 1938 NVB sourc: reichspost bus rescued after ditching - source unknown blitzbus37_fr_puppy.jpg - source unknown Liner de Wit Gemert Builder Versteegen Den Bosch - source: blitzbus37_l_paris-palace.jpg - source unknown blitzbus37. Viggaklev built this pre-war Opel Blitz for mr. Olaf Lund, Børsa, who operated a small bus enterprise. - source unknown
7 window

a  cabriolet bus that can withstand rain! - source unknown a arbeiterfront trip blitzbus41_l_in-a-valley.jpg - source unknown blitzbus41_ft_ausflugsbus-kaessbohrer.jpg - source unknown blitzbus41_rf_ausflugsbus-kaessbohrer.jpg - source unknown

Ludewig Aero with cylindrical bonnet Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero ludewig - Eleganz ludewig - historischer kraftverkehr 6/87 ludewig - Eleganz ludewig - historischer kraftverkehr 6/87 ludewig - Eleganz Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero
Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero blitzbus54_fr_rollbahn.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_fr_tractor.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_f_celebration.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_f_snow.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lf-det.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lf_.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lf_pullingaway-hospital.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lf_rollbahn.jpg - source unknown - source unknown - source unknown - source unknown - source unknown Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero verheul buildt maarse & kroone operated 1940 gem - source unknown Verheul? blitzbus51_lf_ruhr-essenerstrasse_430-5.jpg
blitzbus51_lf_ruhr-essenerstrasse_430-6.jpg blitzbus51_rf_ruhr-essenerstrasse_430-4.jpg blitzbus51_rf_ruhr-essenerstrasse_430-7.jpg blitzbus54_f_ruhr-tour_395-16.jpg blitzbus54_f_ruhr-tour_395-20.jpg blitzbus54_l_ruhr-tour_395-14.jpg blitzbus54_l_ruhr-tour_395-15.jpg blitzbus54_lf_ruhr-tour_395-18.jpg blitzbus54_rb_ruhr-tour_395-17.jpg blitzbus54_rb_ruhr-tour_434-1.jpg
blitzbus54_rf_ruhr-tour_395-12.jpg blitzbus54_rf_ruhr-tour_395-4.jpg blitzbus54_rf_ruhr-tour_395-6.jpg blitzbus54_rf_ruhr-tour_434-4.jpg blitzbus55_lf_ruhr_messe-1936#_423-03.jpg blitzbus56_f_ruhr_431-r2-1.jpg blitzbus56_lf_ruhr_431-r1-1.jpg blitzbus56_lf_ruhr_431-r1-3.jpg blitzbus56_lf_ruhr_431-r1-4.jpg blitzbus56_r_ruhr_messe-1937#_423-05.jpg
blitzbus56_rf_ruhr_431-r2-2.jpg blitzbus56_rf_ruhr_431-r2-3.jpg blitzbus54_fr_loading.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_int_driver.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lb_parked.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_lf_curious-soldiers.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_rb_break.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_rf-det_station.jpg - source unknown blitzbus54_rf_reichsbahn-promo.jpg - source unknown
Design & streamliners

france 1940 - source unknown early was white markings - source unknown 1935 model - source unknown 1935 model - 1935 model - source: source:  a pitoresk picture of a Blitz bus ariving in a small rural town - source: Reisen mit blitzbus61_rf_kollone-redcros.jpg - source unknown
blitzbus61_rf_osnabruck-wagen107.jpg - source: Early Blitzbus 1938 by Auwärter-sudkraft.jpg - source unknown 1934 Odense (DK) early Blitz send by Michael blitzbus61-21_f_iin-6984.jpg - source unknown
Early blitz

1935 25-35 - source unknown 1934 25-35 - source unknown 1934 truck with grafschafter on the trailer - source unknown 1933 truck with Kiel(germany) city transportation - source unknown 1933 travel bus - source unknown 1933 travel bus - source unknown 1939 3ton probably dresden - source unknown 1939 Leibzig - source factory 1939 Leipzig - source factory blitzbus74_rf_hist-opel.jpg - source unknown
1952 ifa z6 'dobus'  7 build - source unknown 1955 ifa es6d 'dobus' electro proto - source unknown Mercedes Benz pulling a giant semitrailer bus revealing the roof layout. The lettering says Dessauer Strassenbahn. Cablecar company of Dessau
Semi trailer

measure truck - source unknown deutsche arbeiter front (german workers front) -werkstatt(workshop) - source unknown a high floored operating room - source unknown an operationroom - source unknown blitzbus83_lf_measurement.jpg - source unknown

famous picture of the polish surrender 1939. maptables. - source unknown heavy mg in clamp near the driver - source unknown The drive into karatchow, is all that's known about this gem of a picture Probably personel of a hospital. I would guess Luftwaffe. By the large reardoors, I guess it's not a Blitz. Source: unknown 5 window Blitz bus near Tripoli Cabratta. Interiour pictures are never 100% certain of this or that vehicle. This one is.... (see next picture. Source: unknown 1st version Wehrmacht bus near Tripoli Cabratta. A double exposion that pinpoints interiour and exteriour. Source: unknown a 2nd version Wehrmachtbus12 fitted as an ambulance. Note the stove. In German a 'allesbrenner', meaning all burner. Source: unknown 1st version Wehrmacht bus. Most likely from an instruction manual 1st version Wehrmacht bus. Most likely from an instruction manual linebus interiour ca 1940 - source unknown
linebus interiour ca 1940 - source unknown linebus interiour ca 1940 - source unknown linebus interiour ca 1940 - source unknown linebus interiour ca 1940 - source unknown bedford interiour ca 1940 - Crew before the rear door.

1937 factory 3/4 rear view 1937 factory 3/4 front view 1937 right side factory view from the opel production to a coachbuilder a chassis is driven over public road - source unknown blitzbus11_l_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row7-3.jpg blitzbus11_l_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row7-4.jpg blitzbus93_l_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row7-2.jpg blitzbus93_lb_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row6-06.jpg blitzbus93_lb_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row5.jpg blitzbus93_lb_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row5-02.jpg
blitzbus93_lb_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row5-03.jpg blitzbus93_lb_ruhr-ext-storage_396-row6-05.jpg

2nd generation 1 ton chassis - source opel 2nd generation 1 ton chassis - source opel
Smal Chassis

1 ton pre-war tourer - source unknown Coach line drawing blitzbus93_l_colour-police ;blitzbus95_l_1t_camo 3 Reutter in front of the factory missing engine covers - source unknown ;blitzbus95_rf_1.5_1947_promotional 1,5 t blitzbus in Altenberg ;blitzbus95_fl_1.5-confis-sis5 blitzbus95_fl_1.5_arab
blitzbus95_fl_1.5_panorama ;blitzbus95_lf_1.5-wm13600-sis5-festungskdtr-gotenhafen-gdynia-poland-1941 ;blitzbus95_lf_1.5-wm13600-sis5 blitzbus95_fr_1.5_frankfurter ;blitzbus95_lb_1.5_frankfurter ;blitzbus95_lf_1.5_frankfurter ;blitzbus95_fl_1.5_holger Auwärter(?) before a hospital 1950 Möve - ;blitzbus95_fl_1.5_rebody-1954
Smal busses

1ton ambulance - bremerhafen Wartime  ambulance lineup Wartime  ambulance lineup blitzbus93_f_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown blitzbus93_lf_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown blitzbus93_r_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown ;blitzbus96_fr_1.5-deutsches-roten-kreuz-2x-sis5 ;blitzbus96_fr_1.5t_mudroad ; ;blitzbus96_lf_1.5-wl307674-sis5
;blitzbus96_lf_1.5t_miesen ;blitzbus96_lf_1t-1936 ;blitzbus96_lf_1t-ontrain ;blitzbus96_lf_1t_ffi ;blitzbus96_rf_1.5t-1938 ;blitzbus96_rf_1t-1936 ;blitzbus96_rf_1ton-sis5-udo-paulitz
Smal Ambulance

blitzbus95_lff_sankra.jpg - source unknown 1 t van in a US sammellager - source unknown 1947 Postal van blitzbus93_r_postal-van.jpg - source unknown 1t - source unknown 1.5t_1941-lola - source unknown 1.5t_flak38-near-train - source unknown
Van and more

a cabriolet bus touring Paris a police cabriolet being halted Group of navy men Officer and 2 men, Kriegsmarine Navy transportation in a big city. (anybody, any idea where?) Officer and 12 men transport, seems to be one tone grey with dirt blitzbus98_lf_wm1265 blitzbus98_lf_wm1171-sis5 blitzbus98_lf_wm1166 blitzbus98_bl_pol66595
Smal Blitz cabrio

bedford gtu doors open - bedford gtu doors open - line bus folding doors - source unknown line bus woodgas trolley - source unknown
Door construction and gas producer

1955 1.75ton Weichblitz by Gläser. 1952blitz1.75anorama_lf 1952Blitz 1,75t - Panorama-Bus 1952Blitz 1,75t - Panorama-Bus

Stripped civilian bus and amongst others. Probably Dutch - source unknown Not yet painted gray, so probably during, or short after confiscation in holland. - source unknown That'll do an explosion to your bus - source unknown The trees on the back are used to cross soft terrain - source unknown bus transport under a damaged bridge in 1Holland - source unknown typical busfleet early in the war. reportedly in greece. Ford's Henschel(?) with trailer - source unknown Yes its weight is 6 ton. you must find a thick slice of ice to carry that - source unknown a Ford with a folding roof - source unknown blitzbus96_rf_bondsspaarbank-mobile-office.jpg - source unknown bus_b-int_redcros.jpg - source unknown

manbus_r_feldpost.jpg - source unknown magirus-l145-paketwagen - source unknown mercedes-streamliner_rb_beige-red-color.jpg - source unknown
Magirus L 145
pakket cart
Magirus L 145
pakket cart
Typ 38 S 3 N

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