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This website went online March 1st 2007. All future additions are shown here. Fill out your e-mail adres and you will get a message when I change this page. It's a guaranteed safe, anonymous way.
If you find flaws please report them! Share things that you find about the Opel Blitz bus that are not here.

May 3 2021

- A magnificent GTU city bus launched by TDW in 72th scale.
- The build models section got 2 new 1:35th additions. Master builder Marcos (Panzerserra) already earned his place in the gallery a long, long time ago with an ambulance based on the Airpress vacu, but made two other since than. An early and a late workshop version based on the Roden kit.
- An update of the links and sources page. Several of my book sources and the links to other websides checked and added.
- A streetfull of police. Are there really Blitz busses among them?

January 3 2021

To little time and to much projects seems to be stil my curse. Many thanks to Bert for good material, poking me to add and revise things!

- An identification of the postal bus in the "other paragraph in the period pictures.
- A total reorganisation of the 1,5 and 1 ton department. See the pages from the menu list.

April 1 2019

Well, what can I say? to little time and to much great info and a lot of projects. A hugh number of pictures, stories and great intel on the Blitz bus. Ilian and Alexander Maksimow triggered the updates with some very nice pictures. (Many thanks to both)

- A sideview of a 2nd generation Wehrmacht version and a cartoon from a puzzle added to the Illustrations page.
- A period picture of a 1946 ATO semitrailer added.
- The streamliners got the first of the attention with 11 new pictures.
- Three aditional Aero pictures of the 1st doubledecker and 3th modell.
- Four pictures of (probably) post war conversions: one two three four.
- An extra Maarse en Krone.
- And three pictures of a 1946 conversion: one two tree.

September 23 2017

- Bart de Pauw identified his Ambulance Ironside 35th in the build modell gallery and sends extra pictures.

January 15 2017

- A 160th scale and a 700th scale modell in the smaller scale modells page.
- A 87th scale bus trailer and a spectacular 35th scale ambulance modell with interiour in the build modells page.
- Pictures and info on the A 87th scale Arsenal modells. So an addition in the with interiour in the 87th scale modells page.
- The 35th scale MR wheels added to the 35th scale modells page.
- 3 other modells added to the build modells page. A 72th scale Aero with passengers, a 35th scale 1,5 ton panelvan and a well build Roden 35th scale by Andrew Tomlinson.

March 2007
- Many period pictures added
- Many models, better classification, many improvements

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