7 window Opel Blitz

Increasing skill brings stronger constructions with narrower struts. More and bigger windows become possible. Many windows seem to be known sliding open. Often it's hard to tell whether i is one window with 2 sliding sheets or 2 separate windows. One of the most beautiful stories, is the Utrecht public transport GTU. An translated extract: On April 23th 1938 the 1st of a series is delivered to the GVU (Gemeentelijk Vervoersbedrijf Utrecht, Municipal transport company Utrecht). It is Nr 47 (license plate L-34230). The body is by Den Oudsten from Domburg. After enthusiastic comments in the press and the council of companies the City council decides on may 5th to shutdown the remaining streetcar lines two and three. 30 Opel's are ordered. Delivery is from August 11th 1938 to November 3th 1938. The bus numbers are 48 to 77 (license plates L-37368 - L-37396). Ten more are ordered after the final close of the streetcar department, numbers 78-87 (L-38118 to L-38127) where delivered in December 1938. The bus company Eltax, from Leiden operates the same Blitzes. The bodies on the GTU Bedfords are exactly the same.

Period photos GTU bus

A selection from the many beautiful pictures on the site de Stichtse Stadsbus (In Dutch) which they kindly allowed me to show here.

gtu bus nr57 with woodgas dolly in the - www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr37 and companion - www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr54 crashed into a building - www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr 78 - www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr6 first series- www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr47 second series - www.destichtsestadsbus.net gtu bus nr62 with woodproducer dolly - www.destichtsestadsbus.net
Nr 57 with a gas producer on a trailer. in the snow. Nr 54 sports a cover on its radiator, so it must be cold at this bus station. Nr 54 crashed into a house. Nr 78 full length. Bus line 6 Not sure whether this is a Blitz or a Bedford (that shares the same body). Nr 47 glamorously photographed. Nr 62 with gas producer.
gtu bus nr53 with gasproducer - www.destichtsestadsbus.net
Nr53 with a gas producer on a trailer, and with an extra radiator on the front.

Period photos other bus

delivery of a woodproducer equiped bus - source unknown delivery of a woodproducer equiped bus - source unknown Kässbohrer delivery of woodproducer equiped bus to the Reichspost - Factory picture soldatenheim( soldiers home) - luftwaffe periodical der adler schooltrip - ebay 1938 NVB sourc: connex.se reichspost bus rescued after ditching - source unknown
Delivery of a gas producer equipped bus to the Reichsbahn by Kässbohrer - factory picture Same delivery(?) Reichsbahn - source unknown Same delivery in 1944 by Kässbohrer - factory picture soldatenheim (soldiers home) - Luftwaffe periodical "der Adler" school trip - ebay 1938 NVB source: connex.se Reichspost bus rescued after ditching - source unknown
blitzbus35_lf_reise-ruhr-arch-ludewig-prewar.jpg blitzbus37_rf_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg blitzbus37_det_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg blitzbus37_det2_liner-ruhr-arch-ludewig-dutch.jpg Pre-war delivery of a liner for a Dutch city. The cities shield with a Dutch crown on the side.(Which city?).

Pre-war delivery of a liner for a Dutch city. The cities shield with a Dutch crown on the side.(Which city?).



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