About this site

This site is aimed at modellers and vehicle research. Innitialy strictly for my own purpose, but I believe in sharing information. All data here should be facts, and from this data information evolves. Pictures or info from others sources are copied here, to not burden other peoples websites, but with sources mentioned. Where no sourse is mentioned, please let me know if you have information.
I feel that this piece of French history should be graced with "la plus belle langue" (The most beautiful language). Even cursing sound like music in French, but sorry. English is the logical choice because not all can read French.

About the Renault AHN

When I was small, many trucks had impressive noses. Nowadays almost all are COE (Cab over Engine). Renault was one of the pioneers in the early thirtees. The misfortune of the AHN and it's big and little brothers was that the Germans stepped in, in may 1940 when a new line of 3 weight classes where ready. They where intended to be a rationalisation for the French army. Renault's pre-war series where too eleborate, too costly and too diverse for the intended big mass production needed. The Germans regarded it als very reliable. They started revolutionarising their car and truck production with the "von schell-program" as late as 1942.
Thus the AHN had to most people the appeal of a cardboard box and the stigma of the war-production for the occupying Germans as a start. Not a truck to be proud of in the post-war years. So, to many a steph child of the great pioneer Louis Renault.

About me

Cars and trucks was always my number one interrest. It's easy to fall in love with the excuisite lines of the sports and luxourious cars of those days. Even standard production cars, van's and trucks had a distinct "face" and appeal. The 40's even intreaged me more. Distinct cars always appealed to me, and the blunt flat face of the AHN instantly did. Like other "ugly" cars like the Fiat Multipla of the 80's, they make a mark in your memory. When I found that Ed Lenders website was the only source with more than just a few small pictures, in the strugle to build my own AHN, I started piecing together every scrap of information. Ed was helpfull with some websites, but the AHN, this stephchild of Louis deserves more.

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