Specifications and parts


Originaly I started with scattered images and pages that originated from the manuals that Renault included with the delivery of the vehicle an sales - instruction brochures. Along came numerous e-mails from Jacques Mortier, who took the time to scan the pages from his original booklets. (many thanks!)

Manuals available so far:
AHS  - source Renault AHR  - source Renault AHR  - source Renault AHS radio box - source wehrmacht AHS  - source Renault AHN  - source Renault
Renault user manual AHS 2 November 1941 (in French) Renault user manual AHR1 September 1944 (in French) Renault user manual wood gas September 1941 (in French) German wehrmacht 1944 repair truck manual (in German) Renault user manual Gazogene September 1941 (in French) Renault user manual AHS 3-4 June 1947 (in French) Renault user manual AHN 2-3 December 1946 (in French)          

(Send me an e-mail and I'll send you a copy)

Lose pictures and drawings from the manuals:


ahn_int_manual-cab-r - source unknown ahn_l_cab-detail-dooropen-manual - source unknown ahn_int_manual-engine-right - source unknown ahn_l_manual-engine-left - source unknown ahn_manual-engine-cut-trough - source unknown ahn_manual-engine-right - source unknown ahn_int_cab-drivers-side-manual - source unknown ahr_l-int_manual1 - source unknown ahn_int_manual-dash - source unknown ahr_int_manual-dash - source unknown
              Early dashboard
ahn_int_manual-rear-wheel-cut - source unknown ahn_int_manuak-axle-cut - source unknown ahn_lb_manual-rear-wheel - source unknown ahn_manual-rear-axle-chassis - source unknown ahn_int_manual-chassis-forward - source unknown ahn_manual-left-det-chassis - source unknown ahn_rf_manual-chassis-frontwheel-contruction - source unknown ahn_lt_manual-chassis - source unknown ahn_t_manual-breaks - source unknown ahn_t_draw-manual-chassis-brakes - source unknown


ahs-chassis-manual - source unknown ahn-manual-grease-plan - source unknown
  the greaseplan from the AHS manual                

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