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SdKfz 251 reports

Jim Cheetham of New Zealand remembers from his time on Guernsey the sight of wrecked halftracks. They were not tidied away until the 1950's.
Who knows their operational story? What became of them?

An old friend of mine used to tell about a 251 left in Nederwetten, south-west of Eindhoven. It was reportedly of the unit that tried to overrun the "corridor" during "Market-Garden". He and his friends loved to play with the overwhelming amounts of military equipment that were lying scattered al over. Vehicles stir the imagination even more. He remembers an open topped vehicle. Could it be a 251 or (more likely) a 250? The end of the story is not so good. It always smelled of gasoline.... One youngster got burned playing with fire in it. Details anyone?

Rudi Soeters saw a 1946 French picture "La bataille du rail" some years ago. The title says "rail battle" and that is just what its about. The French resistance (Maquis) was a big pain in the ass for the Germans. There is a genuine armored train in it. In one scene a rail track is blown at the very moment a train is passing. The train is loaded with all kinds of vehicles, including some 20 251's. The result.... the train derails and its carts with their cargo bang into each other. The unfortunate 251's are catapulted into the depth..... He sight: what a waste.

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