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The original and other info

  • Littlefield Collection A picture reference on the magnificent collection showing its 251
    (last checked: 2007-03-07)
  • Bob's armor pictures Littlefield picture reference
    (last checked: 2007-03-07)
  • Another 251/D
    (last checked: 2007-03-07)
  • Photo page 251 and OT251 survivors A bit of an odd's and end's collection without reference or caption's, but several good pictures.
    (last checked: 2007-03-07)
  • Model and model maker

  • Small Scale AFV Model review of the Alby 1/72
    (last checked: 2007-03-07)

  • Sd.Kfz.251 Bibliography


    Book Series Author Publisher Year
    Die Halbkettenfahrzeuge des Deutschen Heeres 1909-1945 Walter J. Spielberger Motorbuch Verlag 1984
    SdKfz 251 in action Armor Series No. 21 Charles Kliment, illustrations by Don Geer Squadron/signal publications
    Halbkettenfahrzeuge, German halftrack vehicles Armor series Volume 7 Walter J. Spielberger and Uwe Feist Aero Publications Inc. 1968
    German half-tracked vehicles of world war 2 John Milson Arms and armor press 1975
    The SdKfz 251 half-track Osprey and Vanguard 32 Bruce Culver Osprey publishing 1983
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    Encyclopedia of armored car & halftracks Duncan Crow & Robert J. Icks Duncan Crow 1976
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    Military Modelling Annual II Article by Bruce Culver
    Kanonenwagen No. 9 Nuts and Bolts

    Periodicals and magazines

    periodical volume Author Year
    De Tank (periodical of the Twenot, Dutch armor modelers association) Alfred van Netburg 1996-1997
    Tankette (periodical of Mafva) J.L. Rue ca 1985
    Panzerfaust (periodical of DSMV, Old Dutch armor interested association) H.A. Isings 1975-85
    VM (French) Guy Franz Ahrends ca 1990
    Wheels and Tracks numerous Bart VanderVeen, Quo Vadis
    Modell Fan, Kit, Model Magazine, Military Modelling, Airfix magazine E. Backer, Bruce Culver, etc.
    Waffenrevue band 28, 29 Pawlas
    Military miniatures in review Vol2 No2 Article by Mike Riof


    Special Author Date
    308 field report US Ordnance 11-06-1945
    Own material Werner Stübner 1990
    Dienstvorschrift D-660/7, beladeplan ( cover, Indexpage) 13-08-1942
    Dienstvorschrift D-660/4 (Technische Wärtung) 13-08-1942


    Wanted Publisher Ordered
    Sturm und Drang, on the 251
    Ryton book on 250 and 251
    Dienstvorschrift D-600, ( listing part 1, Part 2) 06-07-1943
    Dienstvorschrift D-660/1 /2 /3 /5 /6
    Steelmaster 36(?) on the 251
    SCHUTZENPANZER, Bruce Culver & Uwe Feist, C, O, feb 2000

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