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251 /3 and /6 antenna arrangement

At production start the frame antenna is standard as on this /b version. Dictated by the radio-set's often additional antenna's are seen.
/b frame-pole

Connection and construction details on a /c version.
/c detail frame

Even early vehicles are sometimes shown without the frame-antenna as in this drawing of a /b version.
side drawing /b star-pole

SE30 translates to "Sender-Empfanger 30" (Sender-Receiver 30) Zusatzlich = additional. See the Radio document on the numerous types of radio devices.

Technicians are often wonders of ingenious solutions. Many "make shift" antenna's are pictured as on this version /a.
/a make-shift

This /a or /b version sports a different design antenna.
/a-/b non standard frame

This battered /7/c (ex-pioneer vehicle) is equipped with what seems to be the antenna of an armored car (SdKfz 232).
/c conv /7 with 232 frame

Judging from the white-wash and the clothing this could be the second winter in Russia. The divisional sign is the "Gespenst"(Ghost)-division. The 11th panzer division.
/c frame 7e pz div

In the end stage all radio vehicles were without the conspicuous frame antenna as on this version /d.
/d pole

About the place and time of the pictures my guess is as good as yours. As far as I can be sure I have put the information with them, but additions are very welcome!

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