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Ardeness pictures

One sWS towing a second one. A Panther tank passing the scene in 3 pictures. All these pictures turned up individually.
They could be frames from a movie, although the large space above the 3th picture would suggest a photocamera being tilted. Taken out side of Bastogne during the counter attack by the 12th SS Div "Hitlerjugend" in either late December of 1944 or in early January of 1945.

G.I.'s passing a burned out wreck. Their thin clothing suggests spring. Notice the spoke wheels. This late war version is also on the Dresden survivor. It looks like the cab has been shifted up and back. The bonnet seems gone. The rounded part laying in it's place is too round to be one.
Original caption: May 7th 1945 German forrest road (copyright National Archives It looks though that there is snow near the right side track. Or could it be burned rubber?

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