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January 22 2017. Addition 26.
  • Finnaly, an update. When I started this website, there was so little info that every extra scrap was a welcome gift. With the excelent survivers list of Walter and the magnificent panzer tracts 22-3 a big void was filled. So, what is the use of this website? (first enjoy the added stuf)

  • 5 extra period pictures found: a distant picture of the FlaK collection, a postwar Czech artillery project, an sWS pulling big artillery, two sWS in a field test, an secret picture of an sWS,

  • A restoration picture of Nr. 5 (Paula) from the sWS/Maultier Survivers list.

  • Info on the manufacturer code on the tracks

  • Pictures of a magnificently painted Flak sWS from Italy: 1 and 2

  • An impressive cut through Uhu modell.

  • An new "might have been" seen in a 2014 modell show a distance meter.

  • So? why do I bother updating this? The little extra info in period pictures and other good data but most of all, everything combined is a good reference to this amazing machine. I always hope that people copy my way of documenting one thing completely, in stead of all these lose parts of info, all around. I've started to change the picture gallery (as you may have found in the new period pictures). I want it to be "browsable" like a picture album. Housekeeping and adding took some 10-12 hours. Let me know what you think, and send me anything in extra info!

  • February 11 2015. Addition 25.
  • A fieldtrip with the armoured surviver at Münster.

  • An set of restored trackparts and a wheel from a collector in Belgium added in the parts list in the survivers page.

  • Two period pictures added: a Flak wreck in a Czech town and a armoured sWS with an extra box behind its drivers compartment (found on www.2iemeguerre.com) .

  • June 22 2013. Addition 24.
  • A good reproduction of the manual (and many others!) can be found on WH-Versand.de.

  • An picture of a wheel as an identfy question on a forum and one in the Rokycana museum are now in the parts list in the survivers page.

  • April 8 2013. Addition 23.
  • An addition in the sources page. A french article of Ludovic Fortin in the Tank & Military Vehicles periodical 8-2012 of oct-nov , and a periodical datasheet.

  • Housekeeping on the pictures page. (I'm convinced all know picture besides the Panzertracts book are shown)

  • A new picture in the Softskinned page. (camouflaged sWS passing through town

  • A new picture (a little piece on another picture, in the Nebelwerfer page. (Panzers in the gunsight)

  • March 24 2013. Addition 22.
  • Housekeeping on the pictures page. (crosslinking my own pages and a lot of found pictures)

  • One small addition on the T 809 page.

  • A new picture in the armoured page. (Berlin 1945)

  • 2 new pictures in the flak page. (left side detail) (Sammellager Meppen)

  • February 9 2013. Addition 21.
  • Yes, I know. It took me a long time again.

  • Links have been checked and added.

  • model of a Nebelwerfer added.

  • Drawing of an adorable old book (Senger & Etterlin, Deutsche Panzer.) and 2 very good 72th of George Bradford.

  • Stay tuned for a few, new period pictures.

  • March 29 2012. Addition 20.
  • On our last big club fair ( de SMC 2011) I found a real treasure. A 87th scale Roco sWS with Infra red light.

  • A 144th scale white metal Uhu sWS

  • A softskinned sWS in the retreat of may 1945 passes through Weyer.

  • New period pictures :

  • The survivers section is rearanged, and several photo's added.

  • March 19 2012. Addition 19.
    The survivers are on the move. See the pictures of my visit to the Liberty Park museum in Overloon in December 2011 page for the current state and a lot of details.

    January 25 2011. Addition 18.

    I finnally got my copy of Panzer Tracts 22-3. Now that's research! Many of the pictures where known to me, often in lesser quality, but the names and numbers mentioned are completely new info. (see the wheels and prototype page for some aditional facts) So, where I earlier used all pictures that I could find in this website, now that there is a good book about it, I'll stop at that. Buy the book, it's worth it!

    Mathias Conrad mailed the current and future Illustrations for the MACO line of 1:72 sWS kits.

    December 29 2010. Addition 17.

    An armoured version in Berlin
    A cutout of a picture from Tank Power vol.XIX Nr.236 "Panzerwaffe 1045 Vol.III", Warschau 2005, ISBN 83-7219236-7n

    An armoured version pulling an 88 gun
    Reportedly also shown in a Waffen arsenal special Nr. 34

    A softskinned sWS on trial
    Probably for sale on E-Bay. (Who can help me to "the Lemurs" for credits)

    A softskinned deserted in the ardennes

    Nebelwerfer manual cover 14-6-1943

    sWS manual cover 5-12-1943

  • The famous (well, to me anyway) picture of the burned sWS with the spokewheels turnes out to be a cut-out.

  • A diorama of a Dutch modeller (photographed by Eric Reits) showing a good example of a softskinned sWS with spoke wheels from the current state of the models and PE (also added on the Modells page).

  • Info on 3 more 72th scale Maco kits in the Modells page.

  • A 1990 photo from Dresden in the Survivers page.

  • A diorama of Dutch modeller Jan Kort (See his gallery at the SMF) with an armoured sWS with Wurfrahmen.

  • November 16 2010. Addition 16.

  • New pictures of the post war T809.

  • Additional pictures and info on the Lion Roar modells.

  • 2 new pictures turned up on the factory terrain of Büssing-NAG. A second picture (showing the other side) of the armoured cargo version and picture of the softskinned version with a trailer.

  • Some additional info about the factory location.

  • an extraordinary picture from a book from an extraordinary man: Farley Mowat with an armoured sWS with a special camouflage pattern.

  • October 3 2010. Addition 15.
    - Housekeeping. The frames in the sWS pages have been removed, and the menu has moved from top to left.

    September 24 2010. Addition 14.
    - A new angle on the softskinnend variants in Factory and prototypes
    - Great Wall has anounced an sWS with a Flak38, 4 barreld AA gun. See modells for a list of all their sWS kits.
    - Picture of a disassembled grenade in the nebelwerfer page.
    - Rumours on a an excavated sWS in Survivers .
    - Credits for the other Softskinned sWS modell.

    - a second picture from the group of 3 Flak vehicles

    September 23 2010. Addition 13.
    - 3 new pictures turned up testing a softskinned sWS.
    - Credits for the Softskinned Italeri modell for Bart de Pauw.
    - Interresting comment on the Greatwall UHU kit by John Osselaar.

    This website went online on February 7th 2004. Over the period upto may 2008 the info availabe almost doubled. I can't imagine that will happen ever again. Would be nice though. Plenty of questions left.

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