Engine7.2 liter Daimler-Benz diesel
ClutchF&S LA50 dry plats
Gearbox5 speed OD (ZF license),"fak 45" with reduction (5/1 x2 gears) at a 1:9.2 ratio
BrakesAir/hydraulic brakes on the rear boogies and mechanical steering brakes
SuspensionHalf leaf springs and 1/4 elliptic leaf springs on the track wheels
Front wheels270-20 tires
LxHxW7900x2350x2350 mm. Height 3000 with canvas up
Speed25 to 36 km/u
Weight empty8.2 ton (7.740 according another source)
Payload4.5 ton (4.960 according another source)
Action radius400 km
Pulled load5 ton

Examening all pictures it's odd to see the only confirmed wooden cabed version with a smaller driving sprocket. That could add up to the intended reduction of the gearbox. Who knows more?


Numbers are great, but a picture is worth a 1000. The little information that is known on the construction is from the pictures of burned-out wrecks and the Daimler Benz protototype.


By the lack of information the DB L4500 A and S information can provide some info.

A bigger contrast is not possible: a proud shiny factory picture of a 4x4 and a captured, revolutionised 4x2 with a wooden Einheitsfahrerhaus. Both give some information on the half tracked version. The best information so far is the illustration of the bare chassis.

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