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Abstract Giraf




Abstract Giraf
Original: A line of cartoon like abstract animals triggered my wife to make her own version.

Model: Clay, with steel rods connecting. 1 meter high.

Build: The nicely sculpted head, trunk and feet turned out to be to heavy for a stable model. It lay waiting for several years. To save the nice idea I carefully drilled holes to attach heavy steel rods. (build over the period June 2022 to January 2023)





Build history

November 19 2022


From the painting I did not make pictures. Only this blurry one I probbably made accidentaly.


August 26 2022


I intended to hand it over after it was solid, but she challenged me to finnish it. So I started with thes huge eyes.


June 13 2022


The glue is dry, so it is ready to recieve it's head and it is stable!


June 8 2022


The legs are bend to give it more stability. For the head an even thicker rod is sponsered by Cees. To make it solid I need construction glue. The rods are held into position with thick ecectric wire.



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