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Stalinetz S2




A resin Stalinetz S2

Original: Originally an almost numerous Russian agicultural tractor with an added cab to tow artillery and loads. Not very succesfull but with an 11 ton payload a magnificent beast.

Model: 35th scale, 1990 Wespe resin modell

(re-)Build: Januari 22 2023 - February 21 2023. From the 90-s Stok collection, commes this imaculated airbrushed gem. The lost detailes added, original straight from the box. Airbrushed original, additions blended in with acrylic painted on with a brush.





Build history

February 20 2023


But it is a magnificent beast after the colours are blended in.


January 22 2023


It has only the single headlight to add.... Well not exactly. It misses 2 headlights and a bumper.



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