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87th resin Goli




Goliath 87th 3-wheeler
Original: These 3 wheeled two stroke noismakers where numerous in the 50's but where pioneerd in the 1930's This one has a tin pick-up cargo bed, I've neever seen.

Model: 87th resin cast. Found in a rubble box from the Stok collection.

Build: May - June 2021. A base coat of acryl red, little lines in almost black and a few layers and strokes of red shades to get some depth.





Build history

May 30 2021


Cleaning it should be easy. A few airbubbles to fil and it turns out to be as hard and brittle as glas. More little things to fix. First a layor of red paint for the top and dark for the bottom gives a good idea where we're going.



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