A CMP cab12 artillery tractor gone wrecker

The Scale Model Factory had a build marathon. This 1974 Tamiya kit was the choice, but I already have a smal fleet of them so, just building it? Many of these reliable machines served the local repair shop for a lon time as makeshift of more elaborate wreckers. The winch cable can be

April 23

I started the kit just normal. Cleaning op the extruder marks and the flash. Than I sanded away the back row of seat supports on the chassis plate. I sawed through the back of the body and sanded away all details. A plate to close the drivers cab and that it starts to show what stil needs to be done.

The challenge was to finish it in the planned time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. So, I tried to cut a few corners. The grey parts to the sides are some left over construction parts. The floor is a piece of disposable picknic plate, the cabinet is a set of drawers from the Famo kit. The cab is ready, so, now "just" the crane to be added.


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