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July 14 2017


The Matchbox sd.Kfz.251 / B / 1 is finished. It developed a side step. A Hanomag 3 ton sd.Kfz.11. Also the 100th scale Opel Blitz got finished. Another sidestep: a 6th scale Dutch helmet. And an old project revived and nearing the finish: Paint it Black and I picked up a very crude 57th scale Arnhem tram.



April 30 2017


Another new project, a Matchbox sd.Kfz.251 / B / 1 and a step in the Famo crane the crane body is complete. Now I'll have to wait to solve some puzzles.



February 12 2017


A nice step with the famo wreckers. Biggest part of the undercarriage solved and build, plus some details.



January 7 2017


The famo's only got a little attention over the last months. The Renault got it's ldetails in the cabin back solved.



October 31


So, I solved a long overdue puzzle, and proved it salvable. The Renault AHN wheels are possible. So, now I can build the AHN on the club nights, and the Famo's are on the table! Everything sorted and the rest cleared away. Lets go!



October 6


The Zis 42 is ready. It was in the SMC2016 contest, but being just a truck without a plank to support it nobody noticed.



September 26


In my own gallery some small projects I finished early this year are added. The Zis 42 got a little step last weekend on the modelbouwdagen in Gorinchem.



September 12


A start with my own gallery and some pictures of the Zis 42. The little progrss since July.



August 30


Finnally! The gallery of Piet Pierot and Barry Pulles are done! My beloved Famo wreckers have not been toughed since Militracks. Only an old project: a Russian Zis 42 halftrack and again an new project: an 100th scale Opel Blitz have seen some action. The overhaul on the whole website took all the available time.



May 1


Progress is slow. Only a few things added tot the Famo wreckers (no pictures), just some from the Quad wrecker and from the generator, and some additions in the gallery of Piet Pierot.



April 16


Progress on the sd.Kfz.9/1, extra pictures added of the famo trans, and a gallery for my good friend Piet Pierot.



April 3


Reworking all my old notes and pictures takes up more time than I imagined! It's not yet what I want it to be, but it wil have to do for now. Time to get building!



April 1


Some work on the Generatoranhaenger. I'm not happy with the fenders. ( See )



March 29


A setback in the sd.Kfz. 9/1. The left storagebox seems to be different. And unfortunately, no pictures taken from that side.



March 2016


This is a log to keep track of all my projects and on my building activities. It's for myself, but you're free to read whatever you like.


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