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MP holds Kübelwagen




Volkswagen Type 82 "Kubelwagen"
Original: The German "jeep" was based on the KDF-wagen chassis and was made in big numbers. Favoured by the users for a lot of reasons.

Model: Italeri 35th scale

Build: December 25 2022 - February 26 2023. This was the original "crashed" Kübelwagen on the diorama. The litle damage to the front suspention has been fixed and some minor fixes on this "veteran". Some layers of Tamiya acrylics and shading. Figures from the spares box, with a little reorganisation of the heads and arms.





Build history

January 6 2023


Painting on the kübel is finished, painting the figures is started. It's a secundary vehicle that is only adding to the atmosphere of the aftermath of the battle. The vehicles are shifted tot the side, the primay road into Arnhem is open, and an MP holds to kübelwagen to check papers. The folage and the finnised figures where ready without making pictures.


January 2 2023


The kübel is complete except for it's windscreen. The figures are complete in the pose they are to have. There is to be a lot of foilage, so the kübel does not need much extra detailing.


December 25 2022


first brushing up of the kübel and the testfit of the figures in the "check" scene.



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