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MAN verhuiswagen




35th scale vacu MAN mover

Original: I wish I knew more about the story. Removal vans are usually build on low sturdy chassis, so a bus chassis from MAN qualifies. No pictures know, but is post-war Holland anything with wheels that was reparable was used.

Model: The chassis and running gear of an Italeri Opel Blitz with a vacu kit of Airpress-Franz Schmidt.

Build: In January 2020 we visited twenot's honorary member Jan van Veen. This 80's kit went home with me. It missed several parts of the ladder and roof rack, and had it's windows hanging by a thread. The tricky, thin vacu skin is deformed on the drivers door, so rebuilding was an idea. It's special, but I erase Jan's hard work if I do that. So, I replaced the windows from the outside and only repaired it. May 2020 its ready.





Build history


April 2020 I repaired the ladder and the roofrack. The windows are a sheet of 0.2 mm transparant film. Some scratches the window seal and the new metal parts are camouflaged with the correct color.


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