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Ford 1918 6 ton




35th scale Ford M1918 tank
The famous Dutch National collection "Cavalerie Verzameling" logically wants to show the development of the tank. This 35th scale resin model from "Commander Models" depictes the 1918 fielded experiment of putting the Ford expertise of mass production to the war. It was more a wheeled knights armor. After tests in France in 1918 the armastice ended the plans. 12 build and 2 saved in museums.





Build history

The 12 vehicles of the pre-series were used in training and manouvers. They probably hardly ever got very dirty. The two in the museum look very clean, so how to paint them? I only took some oil paint to shade the green, that seems a good period color. The white metal tracks are perfect for just looking worn metal. siple job of making them black and peeling some from the corners.


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