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All-rad Opel Blitz with a low body




The first 4x4 Opel Blitz

Original: In the "Schell-program" a lot of truck modells where ommited. General-Oberst von Schell demanded a 4x4 versios of 4x2 Opel Blitz. It was to have a smaller wheelbase and a higher ground clearence. The first pictures of that Blitz are on a Truppenübungsplatz. The Blitz sports the first troop carrier body, mostly seen om Mercedes Benz 3 ton. That body has it's fenders cut into the bottom to get a lower gravity point.

Model: Italeri 4x2 Opel Blitz with Plus modell conversion kit and a lot of scratch parts.

Build: December 2009 - February 2015

Paint: Basecoat airbrushed with Tamiya incl. pre-shade. Inlineing with water ink. All kind of details with acryl.






Build history

February 5 2015


First expiriment with ink for the contrast.



February 1 2015


It's grey!



November 2013


It's an explosion of colour. All parts added. Ready to get it grey



July 2013


Finnaly, time and peace of mind, to get on with them.



November 2010


The first 4x4's where tested with a troop transporter body that's lot lower than the standard later war body. The outside has a lot of metal strips that need to be added.



April 2010


The bonnet and fenders of the Plus kit are not perfect, the place of the original fender is still visable. The cab inside still needs it's wooden frame. A comparison of the original chassis and the 4x4. Italeri's frontside of the chassis is to narrow, but that's not visible. The engine support struths added. The end of the chassis is changed too. And yes you see 2 cab's. The box will be on another 4x4. The inside is beige with oil and a little drybrush. I want the early troop-transporter for this one. That means a heavy rebuild of the cargo-bay. The stearingwheel is the wrong colour. Because it's already closed, I decided to life with it.



February 2010


Cabine details.



January 2010


The from the Italeri chassis only the basic frame stays. The front springs are further back and the chassis is higher on it's wheels. The engine is not as flat as it's in the kit. The cab was changed 20 years ago. Tamiya will bring a new Opel Blitz soon. In this project so many details need to be changed. Plenty of old Italeri kit's around.



December 2009


After a hard struggle it became certain in September that my Blitz-hero Teun would die of cancer. Early December I decided that is was time to build my holy grail in Opel Blitz: a 4x4. I made an attempt some 20 years ago when I cast my own wheels, but was stopped at the axles. No good info at that point, and not enough skills. I had already made a couple of late axle's when I found the Plus Models kit. It's wheels are good, much better than mine, but miss the drums. December 23 was the final date for Teun.


Last update: September 12 2016