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Guy Ant 15 cwt




Guy Ant 15 cwt

Original: Guy was one of many British truck companies to build vehicles for the British army. 8 an 15 cwt's and artillery tractors.

Model: Scale line's resin 15cwt Ant from the 90's is stil the only model as we speak.

Build: Februari 1 to March 28 2021. A restoration of this typical English vehicle, from the Stok collection that lost it's front axle and a lot of details





Build history

March 22 2021


All parts fixed. Eylets up front, co-driver step, step at the back, windows and belts to keep the cab down.


February 26 2021


With the front axle and wheels fitted it begins to look more truck and less debris.


Februari 1 2021


Another helpless crippled truck that needs mending and wants asylum. The parts missing I can make from the spares box. Wheel hubs are the centres of a Tamiya LRDG wheels are fom an Italeri C15A, so are the axle and the springs. Steering wheel from the LRDG. several other little things.



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