A vacuformed generator trailer from 1981

Every piece of electric / electronic equipment needs a power source. Every radio truck and machinery group has it's own generator. I've always wanted to have one. On our 40th aniversary Twenot meeting (March 26-27 2016) I got this simple old kit form my friend Eric Jacobs. It was halfway cut out of the sheet before I got home that night.... (Many thanks Eric!)

September 3 2018


A nice first layer of paint to check if everything is smooth.



January 14 2018


With the good intentions of the new year the fixtures got added.



April 18


Fenders fixed, boxes added and changed, spare wheel installed, seams filled. The exhaust is too thick. This is as far as the vacukit wil take me. Now adding details is upon the pictures I have of the real thing. Not worth to put in very much work. There are to many things to change.



April 1


Fenders trimmed and added. Wheels on an axle and with the front leaf springs of an Italeri Opel Blitz and a little extension, under the box. The spare wheel got it's holes fixed. The gaps in the toolboxes have been filled with putty.

I'm not happy with the fenders though. The curves are of. And I missed a gap when I closed the roof. Taking pictures is a good way to find flaws!



March 30


Wheels, tool boxes and exhaust pipe are assembled. The floor frame I made from 2 sheets of styrene. On a few of the pictures you can see that it's constructed from a U-beam. Fenders are sanded and cleaned. The spare tyre is hollowed out. It needs a strip to close the gap in the rim. The roof is on a sheet of styrene too. It starts to look like a box.



March 28 2016


All parts from this very simple kit are freed from the plastic sheet. These simple old kits are more like the kits you build a boat from. It needs a lot of knowledge, extra info and parts to finish it.


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