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Zvezda GAZ AAA




Zvezda GAZ AA
Original: Based on the 4x2 GAZ AA, this 6x4 was made from 1936 to 1943.

Model: Zvezda 35th scale

Build: Februari 8 - August 8 2022. Straight from the box, but some little detailing and fixes, Some layers of Tamiya acrylics and shading.





Build history

June 23 2022


The decals are on and a lot of little details painted. The black chassis and cab roof are dulled with a spray of dust.


May 25 2022


A pre-shade and the first layer of paint makes it come to life.


April 27 2022


Beefing up the cargo bay with a rope to hold the canvas closed and tent windows. Ready for the airbrush


April 19 2022


Wheels on, chech for details to add: The GAZ plate, the rods connecting the chassis and sub chassis, ans the masking stuff on the windos.


April 17 2022


The chassis is easy, and the cab can go on, but it needs some persuation.


March 21 2022


Next step is to close the cab. A simple drybrush action wil do.


March 8 2022


First issue is the cargo bay. The seam between the canvas and the boards is a sore in the eye. The cab ia very rough.


February 8 2022


It's a crude kit with a lot of filing and sanding to get all residu of the moulding of, and it fits miserably.


February 4 2022


Straight from the box, that was the idea. The Breda chapter of the Twenot had a digital contest: a truck. Can't mis out on that. First unbuild kit from the stash. A GAZ AAA


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