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Forgotten warior




Diorama "Forgotten warior"
Original: Numerous Studibaker US6 where equiped with the Katyusha rocket system.

Model: Italeri GMC / Zil 151 Katyusha / Tonda US6 cab and fenders all 35th scale

Build: Februari 8 - August 8 2010. 3 kit mixture, with some little detailing and fixes, Some layers of Tamiya acrylics and shading. The white, weathered strokes in the paint are oil, the rust and the alignment is acrylic.





Build history

October 25 2010


In the Scale Model Challenge


July 11 2010


The longstemmed plants are the moss that has displaced my grass in the back of the garden. I saw it come up the first time mowing in the spring and it reminded me a lot of those long blades of weeds that you always have first on lean soil, or like here between the gravel.


June 11 2010


The rust is progressing steadily. (Most is with a sponge) The dried rust stain in the tank will soon be half hidden under the rocket launcher. The wheels still look a bit dark to me. And the first weed twigs get many friends.


May 14 2010


First tests wit oil paint after the basecoat to get a bleached worn green, en the first spots of rust. Oil, so if all goes well, everything can still be nuanced. I'm also not really enthusiastic about the cracks in the doors. It's a vacuum cabin, with only very shallow detail. The goal is a forgotten museum-like setting with missing parts and faded paintwork. I have several pictures of these types of settings with strange red and black markings. The wheel hubs and the tips of the missiles thus turn red. The doors also have a worn Russian logo. A mini diorama in the making. White spray paint over a rough piece of sandpaper, with a thin square piece of wood lining it to mimic a concrete border.


September 5 2009


Over the next months steadily all parts got together to make it a complete truck.


April 11 2008


One of my first big conversion plans came from a Katchusha that was left over froma a ZIL 151 that I put a normal cargo body on. The Studibaker Tonda vacu kit was the one possible cab. The insides are already painted and the cab closed on these photo's.



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