sd.Kfz. 9/1

Being the biggest halftrack in the German army is not the limit for a Famo. The sd.Kfz 9 has a couple of brothers. The 10 ton crane the 9/2 has a lenghtend an widend chassis. (The track wheels are noticable further apart) Very rare in it's own days, and only one surviver. The 9/1 with a 6 ton Bilstein crane was produced in far bigger numbers, but is equally rare. I had the privalige to see the only existing surviver. After that the two kits are only a start to build an acurate modell.

April 29 2017


Biggest step: the entire crane is done except for the hook cable. The biggest issue with the Tiger kit crane was that its beautiful leveling disks make the crane protrude 4 mm too high. A massive 14 cm's in 35th scale. the top of the crane body sticks out 25 cm's above the platform, not 39 cm. I cannot figure out where the extra mm's are, so I had to repace it with a plug that fills the space. The covers around the tilting mechanism are not included in the kit. So, I cut out 5 sheets of 1,5 mm, glued them together and sanded them down to a block 7,1 mm thick and 45,3 mm round to do the trick. The cranebody of the other kit is too narrow and to high. It wil be a lot of work to make it look the part. The toolbox and the blocks on the rear are complete.



April 29 2017


A little inventory of parts and problems. The inside of the spare wheel does not fit a sparewheel unsel it protrudes. The sparewheels are always the outer rim only. The toolbox is a flimsy crooked part. the blocks of the Tiger kit are good, but the ones from the other kit are not correct. Same for the supports for the extender poles.



February 12 2017


A lot of little things done. The distance poles on the feders. The exhaust have been enlonged. The rims of the working area have had their edges added and finnaly the long iron bolts that hold the real beast and the crane together have been measured out and added. The bottom of the bins that are accesable from the deck have been added. The crane platform of the Tiger kit proved to be 3 mm's too wide. So I broke them off and cut of 1,5 mm each side.



April 16 2016


Nice progress for the little time I got to build. I carved the original fenders and the ones from the tiger kit to take a sheet of tin. This sheet is very flexible, so I have to strenghten them to be firmer. The boxes that hold and support the struths of both kits are off in size. The Tiger's are to low, the calibers are to short. No details on the caliber, but the heavy pipes holding the construction together should be round. The block with the nuts is on the botom. All four sanded down and changed. And yes, it's absolute shock to sand of all these beautiful details, but it has to be done.
I finally figured out the order of things. The boxes are fixed to the workfloor. The sub chassis parts are in place and correspond with the boxes. The cros members of the tiger kit are much too wide. All four shortend. The cranefloor from the tiger kit has it's bolts in the wrong place. I copied the base plate for the other one. The little details of the construction will be added later.



March 28 2016


Another set back. The storage boxes desides the bench are twice as high as on the original sd.Kfz 9. I found a few pictures that confirm this field modification(?) The left box on the original 9/1 even shows another special thing. The lid is shaped in a way like this photo. Unfortunately I did not get a picture from the left side of the vehicle. It's only a few inches from the left wal....



March 26 2016


Our Twenot 40 years celebration at "Oorlogsmuseum Overloon" gave me some time to put in my Famo's. Both basic machines are ready except for some details and I made a test floor from a tin sheet. It gives a good Idea of what I have to make. The original "fenders" from the Tiger kit and the Tamiya kit I wil thin on the sides where the floor wil be fixed. Than I have to get more metal plate and make the boxes under the floor. The square pipes that store the aditional supports are more than I thought! There part of the massive construction! The floor is more of an simle sheet sandwiched between the hefty construction parts.



March 6 2016


Turns out the whole of the sub-chassis is upside down. I fitted the original tamiya floor on the original supperts and with a hole for the crane to see what it looks like. The sub-chassis that I copied for the 2nd 9/1 that I now discarded, supplies the beams to see how the chassis is supposed to look. Mayor setback. The original Bilstein weights 3,5 ton. The crane ground plate is bolted to an almost solid subchassis, and the spaces in between are filled with storage boxes. That's a lot of extra time and the platform is a single sheet of metal! In 35th cale only a mm thick. I need a new floor!



February 25 2016


Well, 3,5 years went by as if they where months. Time to take inventory of where I am and what is wrong. The Tiger modell has a subchassis that has 2 heavy beams attacht to the work floor and 2 blocks on witch the whole construction is supported that sit on the frame. Time to check the original.



October 21 2012


Finnaly, the Bilstein crane. A highly detailed masterpiece. I cleaned it from the casting traces and startet on the inside. There is a seperate kit with all the gears, and the basis lacks it's 2nd cable drum. Okay, just copied it. Iteriour painted.



June 4 2012


There starting to look like Famo's.... About the Tiger model versus the Caliber 35 model, appart from the discussion on the fictional 2nd bench, take a look at the 2 work floors... And I thought I could easily make two. Still it's an awsome machine!



May 5 2012


Frontends are almost ready. Everything is movable, and a couple of additional parts. The tracks and the huge amount of wheels are ready and spray painted in a base colour.



March 28 2011


I intent to build it to the highest accuracy, and I build two because I promised one and I want one for myself. Both chassis are cleanly put together. Even the smal sink marks and extruder-rings on the inside are gone. Tamiya did a good job. It's a highly accurate modell with only some simplyfications. Onto detailing them. The swiveling frontaxle has a shock abserbers that are fixed into a level position. If you swivel the axle you get a (technically) strange result. So I'm making the whole thing functional.


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