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DAF A10 paper power




1950-1955 DAF A10

Original: In Eindhoven, in the museum of DAF, our national automobile company, among the many cars and trucks, there is one van. Build in the 1950-1955 era. The A10. Only a couple of hundred produced. DAF was busy with fast amounds of sturdy military trucks for the Dutch army and was expanding rapidtly into the prominent truck producing company we now know. The neat A10 van got swept away in the fast flood of VW transporters, Citröen HY and other vans that flocked the streets from those days on.

Model: Own designed paper craft model

Build: January 19 to January 24 2021. Photo paper or standard 90 gram paper on a good laser printer. Todays printing possibilities are awesome! Two magnificent shiny A10's.





Build history

January 22 2021


Standard printing paper with a weary old inkjet printer. Just for fun: How many fit on a standard A4 sheet? And than the're to cute not to build them.


Januari 20 2021


The round roofsides translate to a fitting corner. I've chosen the first artist impression on the promotional folder in 1950 for the colors.


Januari 19 2021


Is it possible to translate a 6 side drawing to a paper model? It was sort of a challenge to make a real DAF comercial vehicle after I teased with a simple model of a 2cv Citröen in Philips, v&d and DAF livery.



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