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C4P Heavy artillery




Ciągnik artyleryjski C4P

Original: Poland started the military motorisation in the 1930's. In 1934 this halftack based on the Fiat 621 licence build was introduced to the artillerie as the C4P.

Model: First to fight 72th scale

Build: Februari 25 2022 - March 4 2023. detailes added but basicly straight from the box. Green base layer of Tamiya acrylic with camo and wear plus the logo painted on with a brush.





Build history

March 4 2023


The painting is almost finished, It stil needs the sign of "heavy artillery" the front window is stil too do.


February 20 2023


Spray painted it looses al proof of the little additions and improvements. The base coat is there.


February 13 2023


And yes, that is an easy way to get a accurate, well detailed modell. It needs a gear lever, a handbrake, a dash, a horn and a windshield. The rear compartment has extra panels and there must have been a tarp on it.


February 5 2023


Than Bas brings 2 of them in 72th scale to the build evening saying: we'll start a group build.


January 8 2023


It al started with a book called "september 1939" and a not so good 3d file. Test fitting some 3d filament printed parts gave a rough idea of a nice series of Polish halftracks used for field purposes.



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