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Burned Kubelwagen




Volkswagen Type 82 "Kubelwagen"
Original: The German "jeep" was based on the KDF-wagen chassis and was made in big numbers. Favoured by the users for a lot of reasons.

Model: Italeri 35th scale

Build: October 10 - October 22 2022. Original it had a ittle detailing and fixes. That was updated and the chairs and details made from copper wire. Some layers of Tamiya acrylics and shading. Oranje shades for the rust by our "rustmaster" Barry Pulles.





Build history

October 16 2022


First layers of black and rust are on, but my neighboor at the Twenot Meet in the Overloon museum is our rust master. And he brought his magic toys. So, the rust is a crisp fresh bright orange. Burned metal and a little moisture wil do that for you.


October 15 2022


All the spring and all the fittings placed. The pick axe has fallen of (the wooden handle burnt of).


October 9 2022


The removing of all burnable substances gives an empty vehicle. The chairs and seats are canvas. I need to build the frames. The Italeri floor has a elevation mimicing the rail on the floor, so the frames I made are to narrow at the floor. On to a thousand springs. To secure the vehicle won't role I used the oddely shaped pieces of plastic that dremel sculpted when I took of the tyres from the rims.


October 10 2022


One of my original collection, Italeri Kubel, with a little refinement gets a make over. It's already lost its canvas in the picture. The wheels are clipped for a chopping apointment with a sharp dremel.



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