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De volharding B-Ford




Diorama "Met volharding naar het front"
Original: B-type Ford vans where numerous. All shops used them in their day.

Model: Pyro B-type coupe / Tonda 1,5 ton wheels / card and other small stuf.

Build: February 2012 - Maart 2015. One of my first attempts at a scratch body, in the 1990's. I skipped the need for windows, by putting newspapers on it. The idea was a conficated truck being oversprayed for the German army, and that needed a little diorama under the truck.





Build history

February 5 2014


The last fine tuning was the decal, that Mark Rozendal printed for me, and composition idea's by Marcel du Long and several others.


November 21 2013


The photo's revealed an ommision: I forgot to put a line between the rear doors. But the little Ford took a dive and with a spectacular salto crashed onto the floor, releaving it from a lot of little parts. The perfect reason to repair the crack and change the rear doors.


October 23 2013


The paint is on, the advertising is printed on paper, but should become a decal. And the base is a brick floor compossed of lose bricks. It's becoming a diorama, or a vignettte, from the size. A painter with an airbrush is planned.


August 26 2013


After a search for art nouveau advertising I put together a none existing laundry service. Smalle Havein in Eindhoven is a real old street, and "Volharding" is Dutch for persistance.


July 8 2013


It took some time to make all the fittings, door handles, bumpers, and the wheels are from an old Tonda GAZ vacuform kit.The headlights are not fixed, and the spare wheel wil stay of.


May 27 2012


The roof is on and I ditched the wheels. Too small for a delivery van. The massive bumper is gone too. The suspention and the exhaust got a little detail.


April 11 2012


The original moulds are from 1965 of this very basic Lindberg model. The original spoke wheels are covered with a plate. In a delivery role you normally only see disk wheels. The tiny printed newspapers are a gift from Marcel du Long. I got them for "Paint it black" and that triggered to pick up this 20 year old build.



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