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New AHN Wheels




Correct 35th scale wheels

Original: Most models of trucks sport the bold terrain tyres, where the bulk where on the narrow standard tyres.

Model: 3d printed tyre halfs with filament to replace the kit's incorrect ones.

Build: to October 2020. In a way an addendum to the Renault AHN build, but special enough to put here. You see my handmade AHN tyres. More slicks that profile, but with the correct diameter. Ground to that in a hand dril. The spare is a 3d printed one. It even has a satisfying tread!





Build history

3d printing in filament style, at it's best. Wel state of the art, anyway. In a way an addendum to the Renault AHN build, but speacial enough to put here.

October 9 2020


How does that happen? Well simply use the best of every technique. I drew a tyre in 3d with the help of my friend Niels in the 2010 era. I printed some for the Opel Blitz to have "civilian", non terrain tyres. I changed the tyre to the dimensions of the AHN and printed 14 halfs to make 7 tyres. It turned into a sponsor project for the robot team at the local school. Several friends used them to give an AHN the right wheels.



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