The long Renault AHN story

Somewhere 1985-1990 I started with the vacu kit of this truck. It ended in a box until 2013. When ICM released it's splendid injection molded kit, I stopped again, and started on that one. Uptil the problem with the wheels of that kit emerged. As there are no good wheels uptil now I started to try and solve the puzzle by making them and comparing them all together. What may come of both kits is not clear to me, so here's the whole story.

December 17 2016


Only a little progress. The back of the cab is a thin sheet of metal that has shapes to strenghten it. The co-drivers side also has a shape that matches a (never used) window. ICM forgot to put them in, but the are (partly) visable.

October 12 2016


Now, what does that look like? If I cut the fender and place it where it's supposed to be, it fits! And more important, what it lookes like now, is worth al that work. OK, now I can just build it.

October 9 2016


So, let's get 7 wheels of someone's ruined Puma. Put them on a drill and grind them down to 26,7 mm. Oeps, that leaves only two sides. So lets cut them from the wheel and add two disks of 1,5 mm to get to 6,1 mm thickness

August 20 2016


Now what's the problem with these wheels? Well, there to small, that's obvious. If I put the injection moulded next to my own made it's quite a difference. But the have to be 26,7 mm diameter, and that does not fit the fenders That needs a 26 mm wheel.

June 16 2014


Building time has been sparse in the months in between. Although the 1:35th modell is stil not for sale, it would be nice to finish this one before it is. Detailing the chassis and the cargo part is getting to the point that I can start on the cab. The connection parts of the chassis have a guessing part in it. I'm not going to wait till I get to see a real AHN. The aim was always to build this "quick and dirty". The modell has so many things that are not exactly good that it's not sane to put in more time. Exhaust, fueltank, rear fenders and a lot of small details added. Details on the canvas and the rear numberplate and backlight are the next things to ad.

February 23 2014


Over the last weeks and this weekend, all flaws revealing that it's a vacu-kit in the chassis are masked. Front and rear suspention constructed, the cargo bay got it's biggest ommisions and flaws fixed. (Tailgate got six big holes with a piece of card behind it, and the hinging strips) Now the cab, chassis and cargo bay are getting allined. Turns out that the cab needs a piece removed both front and back. Nice if it's already one piece. Next is the frontwheels and the bigger parts of the cab. If that's all looking the way it's supposted too, I can add numerous details.

January 19 2014


Progress is only slow. The basic components of the chassis where put together

January 12 2014


When shown to some modelling friends, they only laughed about the truck I wanted to build with it, not about the wheels. So I cut out all the parts and made a first fit to see what it would look like. The Blitz is one of my many, and only to show how much bigger this AHN is.

December 2013


I tested whether I could convert the wheels of an Italeri Puma and a 3 cent toy truck into something that could look anything close. The AHN was always on civvy wheels, so bold military pattern rubber wil not do.



Besides that a kit like this is not much more than a guideline, you have to add most of the detail yourself, the thing that made me stop where the wheels. They are not even looking the part if you where blind.

Schmidt 35th kit construction drawing Schmidt 35th kit construction drawing Schmidt 35th kit construction drawing Schmidt 35th kit construction drawing


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