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87th scale Jeep turns Nekaf




87th scale Wiking jeep

Original: The korean war M38A1 or civvy CJ-5 is the first real new design Jeep after the war time MB an GPW models and al their slightly improved succesors. In Holland the company Nekaf assambled these Jeeps to specific modifications for the Dutch army.

Model: The 87th scale Wiking model is already vintage in itself, and was launched in 1952. It's a bit rudimentary in the towing pintle and instrument board, but it's nicely detailed for it's scale and age.

Build: September 2019 to december 2019. On a model rail fair in Tilburg I find an incomplete one in a big box of rubble. I've always been intruiged by the differences of this standard M38A1 and the Dutch Nekaf, so it's a perfect project to study thst and practice some paint skills.





Build history

December 8 2019


The color modulation is with oilpaint (best seen on the bonnet) and looks convincing in real life. Only the little paint details to add.



October 17 2019


First layer of paint the check for scratches and see what I missed.



October 13 2019


The dashbord and steering colomn added, The windshield and a side view mirror. The towing pintle has the Wiking logo underneath it, but has to be thinned. The biggest visable differences to make it a Nekaf are all the extre lights and reflectors and an extra strip in the bonnet near the windshied, co-driver side. Usually the metal struths of the cab are folding down when the linnen is taken of, so these have to be there.



Septeber 22 2019


Ok, this is what I got to work with, and the windshield and the steering wheel are the things that this wiking modell lost in its long life.



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