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Tiny trucks and tracks




350th an 700th scale

Model: Katy is just the eyecatcher, the're are a lot of more gems in this range! The 350th and 700th scale is usually for ship modells. l'Arsenal supplies these little wonders.

Build: December 2019 - August 2020





Build history

August 23 2020


It's almost as much work to finish a 1:350 scale vehicle in paint than it is in 1:35th ! There all safely put away in the small collection cabinet now.


January 31 2020


Just for fun and nostalgia: the Netherlands smallest coin from before the Euro was 10 cents. Ok, I've taken a picture with a euro cent also.


January 29 2020


I sprayed them from below with dark grey, and than the vehicle color from above. They keep amazing me how small these beauties are! The Blitz bus is the first to get some details painted.


January 1 2020


Hardly any cleaning to do. The open cab of the K2Y has a seperator in the middle. That needs to go. The window gets a little separator and the bull-bat up front added. One hair from an old copper wire. I glued them on a toothpick. The 1:700 scale jeeps are so smal, I had to narrop the toothpick! On to the spray paint!.


December 21 2019


You feel like a kid in a candy store again. 2 of those 2 of that..... A smale envelope from France delivering 22 vehicles!



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