100th scale Opel Blitz

Apparently I'm forever in love with the Opel Blitz. Apparently I'll never learn to build "straight from the box", as this was intended. It's a very nicely detaild crisp kit. The cab is massive though. No windows.

July 1

The big connection rod in the cab stays for stability. Over it rests a bench and the steeringwheel, made of a litle metal wire stands. It's got paint already, but not in these pictures. It's hardly visable when the roof is on anyway.

May 22

A neat and straight modell. The frontlights and the cargo-linnen need a little tweaking. There is no engine on the bottomplate. Hardly any flash or other things. It almost falls into place by itself. But this massive cab.... Let's see if it's possible to thin it from the inside with a dremel. Ah, that it's possible. Ow, now I need to open all windows and make an interiour......


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