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This website went online December 30, 2021. All future additions are shown here. Fill out your e-mail adres and you will get a message when I change this page. It's a guaranteed safe, anonymous way.
If you find flaws please report them! Share anything you think that is missing.

March 23 2023
The "Belgian" period photo, turns out to be in Le Havre (France). Thanks Bas! With that were getting an update after too many months.

November 6 2022
The Scale line modell, that I'm building got new info.

October 31 2022
Illustrations got the breathtaking 3d pictures of Eelke Warring. The sources got their first real makeover and the facts found their way into the timeline.

October 21 2022
Again new period pictures, with another naval hero, the nr 3 of the 227 batch gets camouflaged, but most breathtaking, 5 M39's on the beach. Enjoy!

September 24 2022
A quick notice, with only new period pictures, that where found and added also to the period pictures overview. It's been a pause since early this year for a couple of reasons. Some housekeeping done, but soon more splendid things to follow!

July 18 2022
Many other projects where my priority in the period between these updates. One other important development: a lecture of sources and how to weigh information by a friend. I've been putting together my "timeline" to find extra info on the M39's but the info contradicts and there is a lot of speculation. So, I'm re-reading all sources and wil quote all information found. No hurry, it's more than 80 years since they started their shortlived history. Reports often just mention "armoured car" so I have to include the M36 and M38 movements in the may days.
Improved picture of the prototype in the hei..

February 18 2022
As a visualisation of the colors and markings I made 4 illustrations. There wil be more!
And a magnificent overview picture made by a friend shows the places of the Scheveningen actions May 14th 1940 and later in the current day perspective.

February 4 2022
An extra foto / info in the horizon pictures and eight new pictures

January 24 2022
Houskeeping, and adding lots of small details. The pictures of the hull in the Voybokalo page have been made in Wolckhow, a village just a bit further. My modell got a little step forward. On the sources page, a page and the cover of a German manual from April 1940. And again 16 new pictures added. Kortrijk and Scheveningen got their own page combining the period photos. And last but not least a kind gesture from Stelling Amsterdam to show 2 special photo's.

January 6 2022
Warm welcomes from a lot of people to the gathering of info. And a identification of a location! Eric pinpoints the herberg behind two M39's in Ieper! And there are stil more pictures to add.

January 5 2022
Housekeeping, and adding lots of small details. Adding mr de Grave's scratch build model, and adding my own model. And again 3 new pictures added, plus 2 stills from an 8 second movie from February 1940. And there are stil more pictures to add.

January 4 2022
Revealing the new site to some friends and fellow enthusiasts instantly brought new errors to fix, (Of course, everything in this site is handmade) new ideas and sugestions(Yes, already planned, but the period pictures wil also get a chronological grouping) and, new pictures (Thanks Bert!)! The village of Voybokalo got the first period picture page. When I found the picture combining it I realized I had to start that plan with this image. And we have 9 new pictures added!

December 31 2021
Spell checking reveals that the English language is more difficult that I thought. Bear with me. I started a list with abbreviations and terms.

December 30 2021
First presentable version. I've got plans with the timeline and the pictures. I would want to pinpoint all pictures into the time line. It's been a lot of work, and what I want with it wil be even more work. My to do list is long, and on this vehicle: Examening an photographing Mr. de Grave's 1:15 model, and the 6th scale PanTraDo 2 model. My own modelling project, colours and markings, to name the most important.

December 17 2021
A start with photo's, and the first structure.

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