Opel Blitz Bus Links

Original and other info

  • Auwärter Famous coach builder that evolved into current day company Neoplan
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Omnibuskocher Story about Kohler and Lutz
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Gdynia public transport (in Polish) Extensive history, but with the 1946 Blitzbus named as MAN
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Klassiker Festival German historical page
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Large collection bus photos (Germany)
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Czech autobus gallery with Auwärter surviver in the "Deutsches museum"
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Fahrzeuge der Wehrmacht Excelent website with many good pictures, details and links (no Blitz busses yet)
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Engines of the red army Magnificent artwork with many good pictures and details(no Blitz busses at the moment)
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Kfz. der Wehrmacht Excelent website with many good pictures and relevant info on Early and standard production
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)
  • Modell and modellmaker

  • Small Scale AFV Model review of the Alby 1/72
    (last checked: 2021-01-10)

    (last checked: 20-21-01-10)
  • If you have, or have found a webpage to Opel Blitz Bus information, let me know, so I can ad it.


    lastwagen-vrw-truck Martin Wallast Vrachtwagen en bus in Nederland 1987 Elmar, Rijswijk
    autobus-in-nl Martin Wallast Autobus in Nederland 1987 Elmar, Rijswijk
    wheels-n-tracks 1982-2001 Bart Vanderveen Periodical "Wheels and Tracks" 1982-2001 Quo Vadis
    aero -softskinned 1970? Walther J. Spielberger & Uwe Feist Soft skinned vehicles Aero
    MF 8/1980 Modell Fan 8/79
    cover of schnauferl 10 1971 Schnauferl 10/71 (website
    cover of historischer kraftverkehr 6/87 Historischer Kraftverkehr 6/87
    cover of historischer kraftverkehr 5/1992 Historischer Kraftverkehr 5/92
    cover of historischer kraftverkehr 1/2007 Historischer Kraftverkehr 1/2007
    alt-opel28-1979 Alt Opel information 3/79
    Konrad Molin Personal letters
    inaction-opel Opel im Kriege Podzun-Pallas Verlag /Friedberg

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