How do you compare and classify a range of vehicles that some are from large serie factory series, and others are from small coach builders, building a unique bus? I simply grouped them on externally visible differences.
11Ludewig Wehrmachtsversion 1
12Ludewig Wehrmachtsversion 2
2Panoramic windows
344 window and info on standard bus
355 window standard bus
366 window standard bus
377 window standard bus
4Cabriolet bus
5Design, COE and other
6pre 1937 period
74x2+2 (tractor with semi trailer)
8Specials and Truck-like appliances
81Firetruck-like Louver doors
91Interior picture
92No classification
941.5 tonner chassis
951 tonner chassis

This has its flaws, but it works. The thoughts behind them if you are interested:
The 2 distinct Wehrmacht versions where the ones most frequently seen on photo when I started.

The panoramic windows in the roof sides stand out, and are often seen in combination with a custom bonnet, with vertical louvers. Possibly all coming from one factory.

The earlier blitzes and the 1.5 ton Blitz are easily put apart.

Most 1.5 tonners are post-war.

Many special customized vehicles with often extreme air streamed coachwork stand out even more.

Cabriolet buses where impressed too. There is a color picture know of the Reichswehr period of a field-grey cabriolet bus.

After that you get a lot of pictures of clearly different busses, but all design rationally based on the square floor and the limitation of the outer dimensions. I came up with counting the windows to differentiate between them.
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