3,6 - 47 NR "NiederRahmenchassis" (Low frame chassis)

As part of the new 1937 3 ton line, a special bus chassis is introduced. Is the low weight and the good ratio between power and weight already an advantage, the cropped chassis allows for a considerable lower floor and with that a low gravity point.

Production start:May 1937
Production end:July 1944
Engine:3.6 liter
Gearbox:5 speed gearbox with low noise 4th and 5th gear, middle shifting
Clutch:Dry one disk with springs
Traction:rear wheels, differential with edged teeth
FrameU-profile pressed steel with 7 box shaped vertical cross members
Brakes:Hydraulic on all 4 wheels, drums
Hand brake:Mechanical. rear wheels
Front Axle:semi-elliptic, 10 leaf-spring suspension, forged I-profile with shock absorbers.
Wheelbase:4.65 meters
front axle trail:1.545 meters
rear axle trail:1.62 meters
Rear axle:Steel, Banjo type
Rear springs:semi-elliptic, 12 leaf-spring with shock absorbers.
Tires:190x20 (rear double)
Speed:90 km/h
Fuel Capacity: 82 liters
Bare weight: 2025 kg
load: 3975 kg
Max total weight: 6000 kg
Price: RM 4,900.-

Chassis - Konrad Molin 1937 factory 3/4 rear  view 1937 factory 3/4 front view 1937 Right side factory view From the Opel production to a coachbuilder a chassis is driven over public road - Source unknown

From left to right 1) Konrad Molin's drawing 2) 3) en 4) Opel factory pictures. 5) road transport from Russelsheim to the coachbuilder.

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