7 window Blitz Bus by Mr. Ornberg

Make : Italeri chassis
Scale : 1:35
Builder : Mr. Sven Örnberg
Source : IPMS Sweden
Details :

A massive box at 1:25. And a massive undertaking to build! Sweden had left-hand traffic up until 1967, so the doors are on the left.

an extract from the article: Countryside buses of that era were more than just means of transporting people. They carried goods on roof luggage racks, delivered and collected post, and if you traveled over longer distance, you could take your bicycle with you, hooked at the front of the bus.
I made my own scale drawings based on photographs. I had some photographs of my own plus a couple of useful books. The driver's seat and passengers seats, 26 of them are fabricated from sheet styrene and copper wire. Building took between 300 and 400 hours.

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