Van's and more

I know, no I'm crossing the line outside of the bus theater. They are build by coachbuilders that build the busses. Just to get an idea what randomly was build, but also what was used as auxikary bus and ambulance.

blitzbus95_lff_sankra.jpg - source unknown 1 t van in a US sammellager - source unknown 1947 Postal van blitzbus93_r_postal-van.jpg - source unknown 1t - source unknown 1.5t_1941-lola - source unknown 1.5t_flak38-near-train - source unknown
This 1 ton standard van is with the ambulance troops, and may or may not be an ambulance This 1 ton standard van in a US collecting Depot gives a rare view of the top The first newly build Ldkp (Landkraftpostwagen) in 1947. Though it carries new lettering (Deutsche Post) it also carries the old "Reichspost" vehicle id. Stationed in Euskirchen(Ger) als Packet delivery. (originaly found on The "Stammfahrer"(standard driver) was Josef Bauerfeind. BP 33116, reserve "Landkraftpostwagen" (Regional motor post car) of the GWKw Euskirchen. Parking at the Walramstraße 1952. (originaly found on Probably post-war, a freshly produced van for the postal services a very sizable 1t van. Even big enough to act as an ambulance 1.5t reportetly 1941, a salesmens ride. Lola was world famous in those days 1.5t as a tow or the aid to a flak38 near a train track.


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