Blitz Ambulances

An ambulance in those days was often the pride of the local community. The upscaling of the motoring and the shadows of the war to come gave a boost to the development of the breed. The make shift solutions even became standard in the 2nd world war. A boxy 1.5 ton ambulance is build on several chassis, inculding the Blitz. Before and also after the war the wel developed machines give the people driving them and manning them a good quality of tool. In the war all box shaped van's where made suitable for strechers or seated wounded. The 1.5 tonners seem mostly layed out to take four strechters and 1 medic besides the driver. In Germany the police and firefighters where grouped under one service. Pol is a common licence plate, but can be seen on ambulances, firetrucks and any other vehicle used within this organisation. Luftwafe ambulances stand out because of an eleborated design.

1ton ambulance - bremerhafen Wartime  ambulance lineup Wartime  ambulance lineup blitzbus93_f_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown blitzbus93_lf_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown blitzbus93_r_luftwaffe-ambulance.jpg - source unknown ;blitzbus96_fr_1.5-deutsches-roten-kreuz-2x-sis5 ;blitzbus96_fr_1.5t_mudroad
a 1 ton 1937 Fire fighters Bremerhaven War time ambulance line up. (Notice the 1 tonner Blitz on the left) A courtyard full of ambulances. Must be a hospital. Two shots of a Luftwaffe ambulance   Post war coachbuilders picture 2 1.5 tonners from the "Deutsches Roten Kreuz" (Red cross)(100 Jahre Sanitäts- und Krankenfahrzeuge, by Udo Paulitz) a 1,5 ton on a muddy road
; ;blitzbus96_lf_1.5-wl307674-sis5 ;blitzbus96_lf_1.5t_miesen ;blitzbus96_lf_1t-1936 ;blitzbus96_lf_1t-ontrain ;blitzbus96_lf_1t_ffi ;blitzbus96_rf_1.5t-1938 ;blitzbus96_rf_1t-1936
a 1.5 tonner in a 1966 movie "" a Luftwafe vehicle. WL-307674  a 1.5ton miesen a 1936 1 tonner as used on the factory in Russelsheim a 1 tonner on train a FFI used 1.5 tonner claimed to be a 1938 1.5 tonner a 1936 1 tonner
a 1 ton example (100 Jahre Sanitäts- und Krankenfahrzeuge, by Udo Paulitz)


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