Special Blitz busses

There's hardly any limit on creative solutions that designers and engineers come up with. On this page is what fits in no other group.

81 Specialst trucks

Special truck like versions with often sliding side doors are reported and rarely photographed. The only one photographed is reported to be a kitchen truck. other versions mentioned: Druckereikraftwagen (imprint truck) and Setzereikraftwagen (typesetting truck). As on fire trucks of this period began to appear, this bus has sliding doors left and right. They may be drafted civilian vehicles.

measure truck - source unknown 1:87 truck version

1:76 Landmark bakery Bus 1:76 Landmark bakery Bus

blitzbus83_lf_measurement.jpg - source unknown

Bakery truck. The Africa corps palm tree is faintly seen on the door. It is a 1937-1939 model, by its 6 hole wheels. Also published is "Fahrzeuge der Reichswehr, Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr" by Werner OSWALD.

A 87th scale resin kit from Arsenal M.

A 76th scale resin kit from Landmark

Measurement truck? Seems a standard lenght chassis and by the high positioned sideboxes, not a low chassis.

82 civil office

Special coachwork. (The window layout is special.) Not useful for normal transportation. Deutsche ArbeitsFront (German workers union) was a politically inspired organization.

deutsche arbeiter front (german workers front) -werkstatt(workshop) - source unknown
It is a loudspeaker van. A 1937-1939 model, by its 6 hole wheels. source: 1939 Opel catalog.

83 Operation bus

By far the most exotic construction. A 1939-1944 chassis. The floor level seems higher than the standard floor (See the stairs at the back). It is a "Feld-Operationswagen" (field or mobile operating room).

a two leavel bus claimed to be an operating room - source unknown a two leavel bus claimed to be an operating room - source unknown 1:87 OPERATINGROOM 1:76 Landmark operations Bus
a harsh enviroment with just a smal tent. The stairs to the entrance seem to say that the floor is higher than a standard bus. a 1939-1944 production chassis and a lines that seem to bee the basic Wehrmacht bus. The trailer is obviously a generator. Note the red cross roundels. a 87th scale start of a conversion. a 76th scale modell by Landmark.

84 church bus

A 76th scale model presents an interesting idea, a mobile church. A closed structure seems not the most practical idea when your adressing much people but it's possible.

1:76 Landmark Church Bus
76th scale model by Landmark

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