Early Blitz busses

Before the model change of 1937, Opel chassis where used for busses too. The early 2 and 2.5 ton blitz chassis busses where due to their lower payload not common in the Wehrmacht. None survive, no models exist. Even on the 1,0 ton chassis an omnibus in reported. There are only a few period pictures known. Besides that, the pre-1937 Blitz hardly stands out. Coachbuilders build their own style bodies on all chassis alike. Often replacing fenders and bonnet. They can easily be mistaken for a Ford or a Chevrolet of the 1930's.

Period photos

france 1940 - source unknown early was white markings - source unknown 1935 model - source unknown 1935 model - www.kottenstedte.com 1935 model - www.kottenstedte.com source: Rothenburger_nadolny-reisen.de  a pitoresk picture of a Blitz bus ariving in a small rural town - www.klassikerfestival.de
A severely enlarged picture, a cut out off a picture form "Opel im Kriege". Early in the period, a civilian licence plate Probably Reichswehr period. As where many truck, busses where "lended" for manoeuvres. The white fenders would have been over sprayed fast when it was impressed into service A row of busses with an early Blitz up front. A WH-licence plate, so probably early war. German bus operator Kottenstedte has a nice page on it's long family history that started in the 30's. Their fleet including this beautiful Blitz bus was impressed in 1939, never to be seen. A rare find! probably the same Kottenstedte bus, as it is converted from a truck. Found on rothenburger_nadolny-reisen.de but gone, It was found abandoned in a shed and reinstalled. Old towncentre of Höchst/Odw(Germany). Operator Hübbe-Reisen - (found on www.klassikerfestival.de)
source: siepen-reisen.de source: Reisen mit Manfred.de source: ebaye 1934 Odense (DK) early Blitz send by Michael source: ebay source: ebay source: ebay
Found on siepen-reisen.de, this 1931 example is a photo and history arch-type. The company founder behind the wheel, his grandson in front now is the proud tour-operator. Click the picture for pioneer Gutgesel's story. a nice 2.5 ton early Blitz. source: unknown A 1931 bus, photographed in 1934 in Odense(dk) Theodor Grüner in Werdau operated this 1936 Blitz. source: unknown Not sure this is a blitz by the 5-hole wheels. source: unknown Dolle Dinsdag in the Netherlands. Shortly before the liberation of the south (september 18th 1944) a panic arose among the German forces. They fled on everything that had wheels. Here seen in Heemstede. Source: Dutch 2nd Worldwar databank
source: ebay source: ebay blitzbus61_rf_osnabruck-wagen107.jpg - source: www.fanseite-stadtbus-osnabrueck.de/oldtimer/Opel/opel.htm Early Blitzbus 1938 by Auwärter-sudkraft.jpg - source unknown blitzbus61-21_f_iin-6984.jpg - source unknown
This is a tough picture. In the completly destroyed centre of Rotterdam, May 1940, an early Blitz. source: Dutch 2nd Wold War databank A marvel. A beautiful civilian Blitz with a flat tyre. source: unknown The first transportation in Osnabrück A 1938 Auwärter bus for Sudkraft Two civvy Blitz busses from the south of Germany. Drafted into the Wehrmacht. IIN means City of Nurnberg.


1935 firetruck
A 1935 custum body converted to firetruck.

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