Design, COE and Streamliners

The criterium for this section is bodywork. When the nose is altered extensively, with the Cab Over Engine and Ludewig "Arrow" as extreems. The streamliners got their own page.


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Ludewig Aero with cylindrical bonnet Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero Ludewig Aero Verheul? Ludewig Aero


a Saxon COE

Perfecting the lines

Bulky nose: a 50's re-design

Cab over engine, is a truck designation, that hardly gives this special bus credit.

Saxon COE

In the depot of the Berlin transportation museum.

A standard nose is just standard, of course. It can be improved on.

1938 Auwärter

Auwärter in the "Deutsches museum"

The reliable Blitz chassis is a good candidate for a new body. East German IFA refurbishing.

Reko blitz
On tour in 2007

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