Cabriolet Blitz busses

Kässbohrer 3 ton cabrio

Christian-Heinrich Mengel comments: This 3 ton cabriolet bus was bodied by Kässbohrer in Ulm. Kässbohrer typically had new vehicles photographed in front of the main entrance of the Ulmer cathedral. Years ago an elder Kässbohrer worker stated that from 1937 - 1939 appr. 20 - 25 3 ton and 15 - 20 1,5 ton chassis were build as cabrios. The where called “Tourenbus” or “Ausflugsbus” (trip or sightseeingbus). Thanks "C.H."! The model probably originated from the picture.

Period photo´s


blitzbus41_rf_ausflugsbus-kaessbohrer.jpg - source unknown a arbeiterfront trip dr Ley visits a village African collone a arbeiterfront trip blitzbus41_ft_ausflugsbus-kaessbohrer.jpg - source unknown a streetfull of police - source unknown
1938 3ton Kässbohrer cabriolet - source Kässbohrer And that's what the "Deutsche Arbeiter Front" (a political workers union) used it for. A trip and a promotional picture. Just as special vehicles are used for today. The same bus turns up decorated with green as the transportation of dr. Ley, visiting a village. Now I'm not 100% sure, but this bus seems so low cut, it must be a cabrio. If so it seems Rommel's Africa corps got one. A cut out of a busy picture showing a collone in Africa. This one definatly has the same low cut. a production of 8 at the Kässbohrer plant. A streetfull of police? Are the 2 middle really Blitz?
1:43 Oekraine
a crisp 1:43th scale model on E-bay.

(Fuerschutz) Polizei Cabrio

a arbeiterfront trip blitzbus42_lf_police-roofed-cabrio
The Amsterdam Rokin in 1941 gets a visit from the infamous "Grüne Polizei". The bonnet seems a Blitz.

Is it a cabriobus with a roof or a bus without windows? A fire fighters departments ride. Click to see the full story

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