6 window Opel Blitz

Of this relatively common layout one survived, and no models are known (in 35th scale so far).

Period photo´s

early war - source unknown deutsche sprenchemie werk buche. bad schmiedeberg spring1944(foto roland winkler) deutsche sprenchemie werk buche. bad schmiedeberg spring1944(foto roland winkler) woodgas bus passing opel factory being repaired - source unknown on a market square - source unknown dug in - source unknown roermond, holland, nao linebus - vrachtwagen en autobus in nederland martin wallast
A sleek designed bus in an early war situation. Transport of the group of officers? This and the next picture are from the company "Deutsche Spreng Chemie" Werk Buche(German for "Plant Birchtree"). The pictures are taken spring 1944 in Bad Schmiedeberg. A wood gas bus in front of the Opel works. Could be post-war, could be after one of the bombings. A crossroad in a completely destroyed town. The bus could be a Blitz. The open look of the landscape and the camouflage could mean east front. The NAO from Roermond, Holland was able to keep some transportation going, but with a gas producer dolly. (From the Martin Wallast book)
1939 lineservice at the townhall(rathaus) in Quedlinburg(germany) - ebay with matching trailer - source unknown Linebus with trailer in Hungary - source unknown Linebus from the ZWH line Holland 1945 6 window with gasproducer(?) stuck in the mud - Ebay blitzbus36_lf_at-station.jpg - source unknown blitzbus36_r_woodproducer-post.jpg - source unknown
At the town hall (Rathaus) in Quidlinburg, folks board a luxurious Blitz in 1939. A standard bus, with a standard trailer. Again a trailer, a shorter one, in Hungaria. 6 window Dutch ZWH line, 1945 6 window with gas producer(?) stuck in the mud - found on Ebay. Could be Blitz Several Blitz busses at a station. A Kässbohrer, for the Reichspost with a gas producer on a 1 wheel trailer. Production 1939-1944, but by the gas producer 1942 or 1943. (source: "Kraftpost im Krieg" by Volkhard Stern in the magazine Eisenbahn-Kurier Special 102 "Deutschland und die Reichsbahn im Zweiten Weltkrieg".


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