Well, beyond the obvious questions of who knows more and so, there are a couple of things I would like to know especially. The 3 vehicles seem to share some components, but not all. The chassis length and the wheelbase of some vehicles seem not standard. Most of all: What is which production year. Interior pictures and information on interior are the most difficult to find. Of all survivors, any restoration picture would be great. Especially if the construction is visible.

Like to help identify pictures? Well I've got some puzzles for you!

Puzzle one:

ahs-box_br_mud-pull - source unknown ahs-box_rf_mud-pull - source unknown ahs-box_rf_mud-street - source unknown

These 3 shots of a make-shift box structure on a Renault I've immidiatly put in the AHS group because of the 4 diamonds on the cargo bay. Judging from the height of the cab though, I think the must be AHN. Any thoughts?

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