Period photo

From a book: The 3th Panzer Corps a Kursk, D. Lodieu

Two marvelous pictures from a magnificent book (A must have for people interrested in the period).

Three young section commanders from the armoured Abteilung of Pz. Rgt. 11 listening to a sonderführer who has bought himself a locally made cap. He has two campaign ribbons over his right pocket. His rank entitels him too wear officer's breeches and to have a map-case. Had he been in the infantry, he would have been a Leutnant. In the background, the tactical sign of the 6. Pz. Div. can be seen on the front of the vehicles. (DAT 3029 L15)

AHR at a briefing - source: book, 3th pz corps at Kursk

The drivers of these six beautiful lined-up Renault AHR trucks are talking quietly before going back to their respective tasks. Indeed there are vehicles from two different arms here. The fitst truck bears the tactical sign of 7./Pz.Rgt. 11 above which can be seen the initials Op for Oppeln Bronikowski, then the insignia of 6. Pz. Div. half-hidden by the light. The frame painted on the vehicle door denotes the class of the vehicle: category, total weight and weight category. The other trucks came from the Pz. Nachtr. Abt. 82 under Oberletnant Moll. The type of camouflage of the units was totally different. The Renault AHRs were powered by a six-cylinder engine. They weighed five tonnes and had a top speed of 59 kph(39 mph). They were produced in great numbers between 1941 and 1944 to replace the different trucks which had been requisitioned by the Germans.(DAT 3029 L16)

AHR at a briefing - source: book, 3th pz corps at Kursk

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