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If you find flaws please report them! Share things that you find about the Renault AHx.

January 8 2019
Wishing all of you a Happy Newyear with an update.

A new sideline, a page combining the info on all AHx in film and series.
A massive 33 extra periode pictures added.

September 19 2018
A pause in updates for a good cause: building trucks! But there are so many things to add to this site, I must start updating again.

Two 3 sided painting sugestions on the illustrations page, a 3 tone scheme and a winter camo by ICM.
A 5th difference in the AHS-AHN specification found by Jaques Mortier.
A 1946 delivery of an AHN3
Section Folders added to the Appendix
A drawing of the rear suspention leaf of the ahn in the Drawings page by Jacques Mortier.

November 27 2017
A new page on the differences..

November 20 2017
3 period pictures on the bombing of the Billancourt factory. And a start at a lot of info on the production numbers.

November 12 2017
And we're of! 17 period pictures added! See here. And 2 nice drawings of fire engines. See here and here.

October 27 / November 11 2017
Sorry, no updates in information today. Just housekeeping. After the make over of some of my other pages a new structure evolved. Easier to update and better structured, and available to all platforms. More than 100 pages and ca 900 pictures and numerous links. I'll be adding new info soon!

Do me a favour: if you find something not working, let me know!

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